Our Team

Rtr. Vishvi Wijetunge


Vish is one of the dearest friends one could ever have. She's up for anything for a person she cares about even though she might seem unapproachable and quiet at first. The more you get to know her you'll know how fun she actually is.

Rtr. Gajaba Senaratne

Immediate Past President

Gaji is a person who was bugged until he joined Rotaract, and then later went on to become the “Lokuma Boss” of that same club. Well, that’s exactly who our “IPP” is. Gaji always claims that everything in Galle > Colombo.

Rtr. Zahra Zuhri

Vice President

Zahra Raihana Zuhri, our චුට්ටක් විතර cute VP akka who stands tall at 5.1 (well, almost!) is the definition of hardwork, passion, & dedication. Although she occasionally believes she's an adorable panda a peice of advise; don't judge a book by its cover.

Rtr. Chanuka Semith

Vice President

Meet Chanuka, the cake-loving, songbird vice president of our Rotaract club! If WhatsApp groups had a trophy for inactivity and sudden chaos creation, he'd be our undisputed champion! Underneath his low-key WhatsApp presence lies a powerhouse of ideas and a heart as sweet as his cake cravings.

Rtr. Mindya Pravindi

Vice President

Mindya whom we lovingly address as Mindi is a walking ball of happiness. She's kind and caring and is always there to lend her shoulder whenever you need one to lean on and take a break. Mindi is that one creative soul who knows exactly how to get anyone to do a TikTok for PR .

Rtr. Janul Abeysuriya

Vice President

Janul is one of the most funniest guys ever. If he's around there's no time for boredom. Whatever the situation he always has something to say. He's the best fit for overlooking both sports and com service avenues cus he's a fitness freak and would never think twice to help out the needy.

Rtr. Melisha Gonaduwa


Meet Meli, our incredible Secretary! Not only is she an incredible friend, always ready to support and speak up for what's right, but she's also a massive dog lover! She never backs down from fearlessly speaking up for matters most.

Rtr. Subavi Kariyawasam

Assistant Secretary

Subhavi is quite the gem amidst the chaos of RACUOCFMF. She claims to be an introvert, but get her around her inner circle, and suddenly she's the life of the party, acting like she's auditioning for the role of Earth's wildest human.

Rtr. Raveesha Munasinghe


Take a good amount of innocence, add a gallon of selflessness, whole lot of love, pint of silliness topped with a dash of stylish glamour, you get this wonderful hooman. Also, the perfect mom any doggo could ask for and your go-to stylist.

Rtr. Theeksha Gunasinghe

Assistant Treasurer

Meet Theeksha, aka Teeks/Naana, our resident stand-up philosopher! He effortlessly drops humor bombs, leaving folks in stitches. He's so loyal to that one burger joint that they might actually consider naming a burger after him.

Rtr. Ali Hussain

Sergeant At Arms

In the attempt of defining the club as, 'FMF නම් Vanajeeviyo තමයි' our Sergeant Ali is a die heart ES person as everyone knows. In a way it is understandable because not only was he able to serve nature, but also gift himself something special.

Rtr. Amaan Thaha


Thaha! He is a go to Cafe person, no matter if he is broke or not. And yeah he's supportive at its best! Bliss and Alexa is lifeee Never miss his trademark word : Bliss in his articles. No matter how special the day is, it never goes a day without a work in blog. Bunking lectures is his speciality.

Rtr. Mandini Gabadage


Mandi/ මැන්ඩි is one of the kind hearted and busiest Batch repi at FMF (pretty though). Most of the time she is in ‘අනේ මට stress වගේ’ mood and sometimes too shy to showcase her energy but Her quiet nature doesn't diminish the depth of her love and dedication to her loved ones.

Rtr. Binula Thalavinna

Co - Director Club Service

This one, who thinks that we live in a simulation yess it's Binula is the co-director of The Best Avenue “Club Service තමයි හොඳම” (according to him. LOL). He always gives instructions when we go out of the uni and his catchphrase is “කොළඹ 7 කියන්නේ අපිට ගෙදර වගේ තමයි".

Rtr. Uvini Abeysinghe

Co - Director Club Service

Allow me to introduce you to a pocket-sized bundle of charm and whimsy “Uvini”. She's the symbol of cute and chubby, a never-ending ball of energy who can ace any sport, to the most hockey. Her fashion choices might not be the best, but her adorable dimples steal the limelight.

Rtr. Malith Dilshan

Co - Director Community Service

Meet Malith, This smarty-pants has a heart of gold and is a fitness fanatic, never skipping a training day. He can spin a tale so convincingly that you'll believe the most outrageous stories are true and his signature phrase, "My one's," adds an extra layer of charm to every interaction.

Rtr. Hirumi Tharushika

Co - Director Community Service

Meet Hirumi aka සංජූ, the human emoji. This one can express a whole set of emotions with her face than a set of emojis. Hanging out with her is like a rollercoaster of laughter as well as a boxing match, with unexpected twists and turns in every conversation.

Rtr. Denith Perera

Co - Director International Service

Meet the ultimate dance-floor commander "Denith" and the master of spontaneous jokes, who somehow remembers all his Nepali friends without a single word exchanged. He's a living legend of fun! 'Deniya' is all about sweets and the unusual character who eats Mari biscuits with Kola keda and the one who cannot eat any meal without beetroot.

Rtr. Yogashini Namasivayam

Co - Director International Service

Meet Yogashini, 'Coconut Queen', who is a quiet saint till she falls to her perfect bunch. With the Hawaiian taste in her, she does magic in the kitchen while also counting fingers to bring an award to her own avenue during this year.

Rtr. Nethmi Aloka

Co - Director Professional Development

If you are looking for a friend who's super caring, loving and warm Nethmi is who you are looking for! She's really hard working and won't hesitate even for a second to offer you a helping hand whenever you need one and with related to work such a bossy type personality.

Rtr. Yasith Amunugama

Co - Director Professional Development

Yasith, a charming introvert, is known for his ever-present cute smile. He's a perfectionist who values silence, neatness, and organization in everything he does. Yasith, who can't handle spicy food, is also an avid lover of sweets, especially Watalappan.

Rtr. Sethum Perera

Co - Director Finance

Sethum, the master of hilarious pit stops when we're together, but put him in a suit, and he's the CEO of 'Expensive (un)limited’. His catch phrase is “ඔච්චර හිතන්න එපා. කලබල වෙන්න එපා. ඕවා හරි යයි.” professional by day, professional car enthusiast by night, and a party animal in between!

Rtr. Shenaya Fernando

Co - Director Finance

Shenaya, she might appear to be the quiet one, but the ones who are close to her know her incredible sense of humor. (Her Facebook content proves this.) She has this uncanny ability to capture the most candid and funny shots and videos of others, often when we least expect it.

Rtr. Dinuka Gunathilaka

Co - Director Environment Service

Introducing the living legend, Mr. Gunathilaka! He has an obsession with clothes. Beneath all the fashion labels, he is a genuinely caring and supportive guy. He might be a "hottest man alive" in his own world, but he's also one of the cutest guys you'll ever meet!

Rtr. Shamalky Fernando

Co - Director Environment Service

The one, the only "Aneeee" girl! Meet the one who takes everything in life seriously. she's a bit like a human tubelight. That laugh of hers could wake the dead. she's got a heart of gold. She'll drop everything to listen to the latest juicy gossip. her beloved four-legged companion is her life. Warning! once she enters your life, there's never a dull moment!

Rtr. Nethuni De Silva

Co - Director Membership Development

Nethuni the " Mommy in the club ". The busiest අක්කා no matter which avenue is working on projects she's the busiest person as always. Hardworking, well-committed Multitasking personality we have in our club, a silent weapon. Very obsessed with her hometown "පැපිලියාන" where she calls "pepps" are living. Mostly attracted to "JUICE BAR එකේ රවුම් මුරුක්කු".

Rtr. Kaveesha Dodanthenna

Co - Director Membership Development

Meet Kaveesha, our adorable chubby potato, Banking whiz, who's gone from being a culinary zero to a parippu curry hero! She's got the kind of assets that our girl gang can't stop complimenting! Her hair's like a Netflix series – started off curly, went through a season of straight, and now it's the show that in between. With a sign-off of “ආ ආ මොකත මේ”,

Rtr. Venuja Silva

Co - Director Digital Communications

“මේවට තමයි ඉතින් මට....”. Meet the Co-Director of DCOM Avenue Venuja, our wizard of designing and editing! With creativity flowing through his veins and the patience of a saint, he fearlessly tackles everything as the *‘DCOM තාත්තා'*. His courage knows no bounds, whether it's pushing the boundaries of design or editing with a side of humor.

Rtr. Ajini Onethra

Co - Director Digital Communications

Meet Ajini who has been haunting people (specially mallilas) since she got the directorship (IYKYK). She can't remain calm even for a sec with the ultimate "කඩි කුලප්පුව" she has and when she opens her mouth, she beats Eminem. However, if you're looking for a sassy model for your next photoshoot, she's your girl.

Rtr. Piyumi Liyanage

Co - Director Public Relations

Piyumi, aka 'the TikTok Queen' who has the biggest forehead among our group and පොඩ්ඩ ඇත්තන් get stressed but doing her best in every task. Now her main job in uni has become creating tiktoks while completing the degree is her side job. This tiktok star is very good at giving advices on relationships but still unable to find herself one.

Rtr. Faliha Fazly

Co - Director Public Relations

Here comes the girl who is always focusing her camera on anyone in any case as always. If we want a photo or video of ourselves we can get it from her because she is the official owner of them. If she wants something she says " මට ඒක දෙනකල් මං යන්නෙ නෑ බිම ඉඳගෙන අඬනවා හොඳේ ". An extreme ice cream lover who always prefers vanilla flavor on top of anything.

Rtr. Venumi Kuruppu

Co - Director Sports

Venumi is better known for her story telling skills and news reporter girl life of every conversation. (මේ අහන්නකෝ ඔයාලා දන්නවද) While she keeps things interesting with her chatter, her loyalty and knack for keeping secrets make her an entertaining and trustworthy confidante. She always works hard and does her best when given a task.

Rtr. Randula Chamath

Co - Director Sports

Meet Randula, our foodie extraordinaire, AKA Randy! Beneath his ego, he has a heart as vast as his appetite, never failing to serve comic relief. Claims to never lie, but we know better! Plus, he never misses a chance to humorously make fun of someone. The world's a better and funny place with our Randy around.