Blog Member Of The Month (February- 2022-2023) – Rtr. Amali


Rtr. Amali Senadeera, the prettiest and the cutest in the team, has strict rules with all the work she’s handling. You give her the task, and she’ll be more concerned and responsible to get it done properly than you are. She’ll be updating you every minute and will send you thousand text messages to remind you of the things she needs from you to do her job done. Her commitment in leading the fund-raising team during the project “Million Dreams” was exceptional. 

We at RACUOCFMF are proud of making and having such a person like Dewmini and would congratulate her on being recognized as the Blog Member of the Month of February.

Written By:-





Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Co-Editor 2022-23)





Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya
(Co-Editor 2022-23)

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