Blog Member of the Month – July 2023


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

In every thriving team, there’s always that one exceptional member who stands out for their remarkable skills and unwavering dedication. Blog Team’s shining star for the Month of July is none other than Rtr. Kumudu. She possesses a unique talent that has left us all in awe—her exceptional writing skills. When it comes to crafting persuasive, engaging, and informative content, she is unparalleled. Her written words have the power to captivate audiences.

But it’s not just her writing proficiency that sets her apart; it’s her passion for storytelling and her ability to convey complex ideas clearly and compellingly. In our increasingly globalized world, effective communication is paramount. This is where her talent for translation truly shines. She is not just a translator; she is a bridge between languages and cultures. She is not just a writer, a translator, or a reliable Blog Team Member but is a true multitalented gem. Her ability to wear multiple hats and excel in each role she takes on is nothing short of remarkable.We are incredibly fortunate to have Rtr. Kumudu as a part of our team. Thank you for being such an extraordinary member of our team. Your presence is a gift, and we are truly lucky to have you with us. Here’s to many more years of success.

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Rtr. G.D.S Mandini 
(Co-Editor 2023-24)

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