Blog Members of the Month – February 2024


In the vibrant realm of blogging, two stars shine brightly, paving the way for others to follow. The Blog Team proudly celebrates Rtr. Nirushika Sandeepani and Rtr. Sandun Sanjeewa as the esteemed Blog members for the month of February.Rtr. Nirushika chaired one of the blog’s largest article series, Project Mathaka, overseeing and proofreading over 70 submissions. She adeptly delegated tasks among committee members and contributed to article graphics with finesse through Canva. Her leadership ensured the project’s success, fostering collaboration and excellence.Complementing Nirushika’s prowess is the creative genius of Rtr. Sandun, the blog’s sole videographer. He took charge of compiling and editing all 16 videos for Project Honoured and Sealed: Season 04, showcasing his exceptional skills in video production. Sandun’s dedication extends beyond, as he continually contributes his expertise to Project Benchmark, enriching the blog’s multimedia offerings. Rtr. Sandun also was in charge of overlooking the shootings of Center Stage 2024 goes smoothly through his immense knowledge in videography.Together, Nirushika and Sandun exemplify dedication and innovation, steering the Blog Team towards new heights of success. Their collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment illuminate the path for their peers, inspiring excellence in content creation and community engagement. Congratulations to both for their well-deserved recognition as the Blog Team members of February. Here’s to a future brightened by their creativity and leadership. Cheers to Rtr. Nirushika Sandeepani and Rtr. Sandun Sanjeewa.

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Rtr. Amaan Thaha
(Co-Editor 2023-24)

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