Glass Ice 3.0 – Unfreeze Your Potential

Ability is what you are capable of;
Attitude reflects how well you do something; and 
Motivation determines ‘what you do’.
Motivation fuels you with confidence and courage to chase dreams that you once considered above ambitious or climb heights that you were once afraid of. It Unfreezes Your Potential! 
Glass Ice 3.0 organised by the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance; themed “Unfreeze your potential” focusing on individual development through motivation, became more than just a day’s experience to its participants. This Professional Development workshop, was held for the 3rd consecutive year on the 16th of November 2017; bringing together a group of young adults; with a diverse audience of university students, young corporates and young entrepreneurs. 
Being the signature professional development project of the club, Glass Ice has always been in the forefront among the club’s initiatives towards professional development among the youth. This year, it extended hands to also become a fund raiser for Phase 3 of the club’s community development project ‘Future for Us’.  
By 6.30 pm, the Sports Ministry Auditorium was lighted and decorated in blue and grey, and was filled with an encouraging young audience. It indeed gave a great promising start for Glass Ice 3.0.
The event kick started with the young and energetic Danu Innasithamby who is a popular media person, traveller and a stage actor. Advocating on how passion towards ones dream; supersedes fear; gives the courage to rise, learn and grow with each fall, and discover ones true self. Sharing his own life experience, the challenges he faced on his journey; Danu inspired the young audience to Dream, Believe and Chase ones dreams. 
The next to conquer the audience; was the first Sri Lankan to summit Mount Everest, Journalist, Women Rights Activist and Mountaineer; Jayanthi Kuru-Uthumpala. Based on her Everest expedition on taking Sri Lanka to the top of the world, Jayanthi set the foot that courage, commitment and perseverance are the keys that unlock the door to achieve greatness. 
The rising Sri Lankan Trio Girl Band “Blended” then entertained the audience with their breathtaking acoustic version of a couple of popular pop songs.
Indi Samarajeewa was the next on the platform. Indi is the Co-founder and Director of YAMU, a guide to food and life in Colombo; the founder of Kottu, a blog aggregator and a Blogger. Guiding the audience on being engaged to ones line of work and professionalism; he also emphasised on the rising need for change and innovation. 
The final speech was delivered by the charismatic Sidath Wettimuny, former Cricketer, Golfer and former head of the Interim Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket. Sidath’s life story was an example of having the inner strength to balance between career and passion; to make wise choices that one truly believes in and to stand by it.
Glass Ice 3.0 concluded with refreshments and photographs; also being a social platform to meet and build networks among fellow youth of the country. 
Written By:
logo    Rtr. Kanishkaa Balakrishnan 
Club Member


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