Green Steps


“Green Steps” was the first of many initiatives the Green Life avenue of our club implemented for the year 2016/17. The objective of the project was to make the undergraduates of our faculty aware about the absolute cleanliness and good manners to be practiced during our day to day activities. 

The project was carried out with a team of four members, which included Rtr. Uvini Liyanage, Rtr. Chathun Heiyanthuduwa, Sergeant-at-arms Rtr. Nirmal Mendis and the Director of Green Life and Chairperson of the project, Rtr. Mandree Dissanayake. 

The team was able to create attention seeking  posters to be put up in various places of the faculty such as the washrooms used by the undergraduates, cafeteria area, lecture halls and open areas, emphasizing the importance of spreading the word on maintaining maximum cleanliness and ensuring the existence of a sustainable healthy educational environment.

The posters were prepared in all three languages; Sinhalese, Tamil and English, to ensure optimal message deliverance to all students.

The main quotations included in the posters which were put up within the faculty premises were;

  • Please do not spill water on the floor
  • Please remember to flush after using the washrooms
  • Please switch off the air conditioners, fans and lights after using the lecture halls
  • Remember to properly close the taps
  • Proper disposal of used polythene bags and left over food is highly appreciated
  • “This is our university. Keep it clean”



Team ‘Green Steps’ at work

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our Faculty Advisor Dr. Arosha Adikaram, for granting the “Green Steps” team the necessary permission and informing the relevant authorities to assist us in the smooth implementation of the project.

Further, special thanks go to Rtr. Ruzni Faik, Rtr. Kasun Mullegamgoda, Rtr. Chamini Abeysekara and Rtr.  Udayanga Akmeemana for their continuous support in making “Green Steps” a success. 

Written By-
Rtr. Mandree Dissanayake
Director – Green Life 2016/17

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