Heroes Behind The Magic Of Thoughts

There is just one unique feature that comes to mind when it comes to the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance, which is the ever famous and reliable FMF blog.

Behind every captivating outcome lies countless hours of research, thought writing, and creative brainstorming. The dance of their thoughts across the blank canvas is a symphony of artistry where every word plays a note in harmony within the minds of their readers. For in the heart of the blog team lies a dedication so profound, turning mere letters into portals of magic.

FMF blog needs the editors caring touch to develop into a majestic bouquet of fascinating words and enthralling language, much like a fragile blossom drifting on the winds of inspiration. In this awe-inspiring journey, the editors must be blessed with an unwaveringly supportive team, standing united through the ebbs and flows of the Rotaract year, guiding each other through the darkest storms, and celebrating together under the brightest rays of success.

Blessed with an impassioned team, we witnessed the FMF blog transform into an enchanting tapestry of thought-provoking and visionary content, captivating readers and igniting their curiosity to delve deeper into the realms of our articles. We extend heartfelt applause to the brilliant outgoing blog team of 2022–2023, whose remarkable dedication and ingenuity paved the way for the triumphant accomplishments we celebrate today. Undoubtedly, the team’s outstanding performance was elevated by the exceptional leadership of Rtr. Zahra Zuhri and Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya, whose guidance steered our colossal ship toward unparalleled success.

In the remarkable RI year 2022–2023, The Blog Team achieved unforgettable milestones: surpassing 1.3 million views, publishing 1000 articles, and securing The Gold Award for The Most Outstanding Club Blog for the eighth consecutive year. The FMF Blog also proudly claimed The Silver Award for The Most Outstanding Newsletter.

With great delight, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the team that beautifully encapsulated numerous enchanting moments into eloquent words. As we bid adieu, let’s raise a final cheer for the extraordinary ensemble comprising Rtr. Sarada Samarasinghe, Rtr. Indoopa Samarasinghe, Rtr. Navodya Rathnasiri, Rtr. Hikma Imam, Rtr. Aksharah Suganthan, Rtr. Shenali Dewmi, Rtr. Tharushi Gajanayake, Rtr. Eladsya Muthuramanitharan, Rtr. Dinithi Fonseka, and Rtr. Amali Senadeera.

Our past Co-Editor, Rtr. Zahra Zuhri was an absolute dynamo when it came to competitions. Everyone suspected she had a secret time tuner because she always magically managed to be everywhere, more often in projects of the Environmental Service Avenue. The Blog Team couldn’t have asked for a better competition warrior and laugh riot all rolled into one. She is always the dependable spine behind our back, providing support and creative inspiration to the entire team.

Our past Co-Editor, Hasara Nadee Shakya is another exceptional individual who exemplifies kindness and helpfulness. Whether its an offering guidance or lending a helping hand, she is just one text away. From editing to organizing, she is an all-rounder, like the unicorn of the team. She claims to be the most introverted person on earth, but once you get to know her, her quiet moments are just the calm before the comedic storm.

As the sun sets on yet another day, we cannot help but marvel at the impact they made. But this is not merely the end of a chapter, it is a continuation of a beautiful story. So, here’s to the Co-Editors, the Blog Team, whose brilliance has shone brightly for eight years and counting.

As the horizon embraces dawn’s newborn hue,
In the book of our hearts, your words will reside,
Fare thee well, dear Editors, as you take your flight,
For your timeless verses shall forever alight.

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Rtr. G.D.S Mandini
(Co-Editor 2023-24)

Written By: –





Rtr. Amaan Thaha
(Co-Editor 2023-24)



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Hasara NS

Thank you so much for the wonderful article and Good Luck with everything guys!

Zahra Zuhri

Thank you so much for these lovely words lamai ❤️. These mean a whole lot to us 🤗. It was a long journey for sure with all ups and downs and those today draw a smile on our faces paying off, so will it for both of you and your wonderful team 😊.
Wish you all the very best in continuing the legacy of FMF Blog! 🔥😎

Ruzni Faik

All the best to the incoming Editors! I’m confident you guys will follow the values and principles of your immediate predecessors and all previous editors☺️