Hills and Valleys


Sometimes, we experience certain negative phases in life. Everything would be smooth. We would be having fun, creating memories and radiating joy.

But suddenly, everything falls. It starts to feel like hell. We’ll start feeling like we are losing ourselves. And so, some become lonely. Some become depressed. Some become confused, not knowing what to do. Our self esteem goes down. We lose faith in ourselves. We tend to go in a negative path. We have nothing but hate for life. We look at those around us and say “Why can’t I be like them?” We put ourselves down, forgetting our own value.

We start to feel like we don’t want anyone. We don’t feel like talking to anyone. We cry, we cry, and we cry. Some will try to talk to us. Some will laugh at us. We won’t have the energy to try certain things.

Suddenly, it seems like we got sucked into a black hole. Every time when we think about our present situation, we start feeling anxious about our future, wondering if our entire life will be like this.

But, just because our life is bad at a certain period of time, doesn’t mean our entire life will be the same. During these times, we must remind ourselves to not lose our self trust. “Maybe not today, but one day I’ll definitely make it” We need to take some time to ourselves. We need to heal our wounds. Sometimes, it’s okay to be alone too. For some, this experience will be new. For some, it will be confusing. But we should always keep telling ourselves, “This too shall pass, just like everything” because it will pass.

However, the process of healing maybe hard. When it feels like we are progressing forward, suddenly it might feel like we are going backwards. We might feel like we are becoming our past selves. But, that’s part of the process. We shouldn’t give up. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to worry. But it’s not okay to keep crying and keep worrying. We have to push ourselves. We have to stand up. It’s okay to fall. But it’s not okay to not stand back up.

Life is both ups and downs and each one of them teach a different lesson to us. The more we learn, the more we grow. Maybe in a few years, when we look back at these phases, we will realize that these phases would’ve been the foundation of our growth. When we face with such situations, we should have the mind set that the downs in our life are there for our growth. We have to keep trying, and we have to try consistently.

When we pass this stage, the end will be beautiful. Our hearts will be at ease. Everything around us will be beautiful. Our perspective of the world will change. We’ll learn to enjoy life again.

Always remember that the downs are never permanent, only temporary. Give time to yourself to heal. The process of it maybe hard, but the ending will be worth it. You’ll be like fresh leaf, shining like a star, more than you ever did.

Written By:-

Vivujaan Suganthan

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Piravena Paheerathan

Well written and relatable too! We’ve all been there at some point in our lives… brought out genuine emotions!

Senthune Soundararajan



Reality in the phase of genuine life thoughts

Aksharah Suganthan

Love this💓


Experianable thoughts!!

Ragavi Bakeerathan

Never give up on the fight until you win the belt 👍❣️


Nice ❤️


each words felt like warm hugs
Expecting more such masterpieces from you

Ruzni Faik

What a nice message. Sometimes all we need is to read something as beautiful as this. Your simple thoughts put out in words has the potential to create an impact on others. Keep up the great work ❤️