iSpy- A Scavenger Hunt by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown

‘iSpy’, a Scavenger Hunt organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown (RCCU) was held on the 9th of August 2015 at the Colombo Racecourse. This was a club service project organized by Colombo Uptown with the objective of raising funds for the various upcoming projects of the club.

On the day of the event, there were lots of participants gathered around in teams waiting impatiently to be briefed on the challenge. Each team had four members consisting of clubs and friends getting together to take up the challenge. From our club, Rotaractors Praveen Fernando, Hiruni Perera and Ranithri Samarawickrama participated in this event with their own teams.

“Snoop Dogs”- Rtr. Praveen with his team mates Jishan, Chuthuri and Dinusha
“Suicide Squad”- Rtr. Hiruni and Ranithri with their team mates Asiri and Mayukha

‘iSpy’ included a wide range of activities to be carried out by all teams. Each team was given a list of challenges to be completed within three hours and head back to the starting point. The hunt began sharp at 10.00 am!!!!  

The challenges to be completed were:

1. A list of 40 items was given to the teams to find, with points being allocated for each item. It was observed that some of the items (such as a newspaper printed 6 months ago, Rs. 200 note, 7 unique lids of bottled drinks, a business card of anyone whose first name and the second name starts with the same letter, a movie in a VHS tape, an electricity bill less than Rs. 1500, a domino piece, a lottery ticket with a 2 and a 10 etc) were allocated high points as they were slightly difficult to find.

2. Photograph the team next to the following, with 40 points being allocated for each

  • Next to a cow. 
  • Next to a lion. 
  • Next to a horse. 
  • Next to a dragon
    • (Not necessarily a live one) 
  • Striking a yoga pose in a fast food joint. 
  • Fishing in a public fountain.  
  • Eating popcorn and enjoying whatever is on display (on a TV) at a local electronics store. 
  • Undergoing a forearm waxing session. 
  • Next to a construction worker wearing a hard hat. 
  • Giving one of the members a lift in a wheelbarrow.
  • Sitting with an unknown family at a restaurant.


Yoga pose by the “Snoop Dogs”

Yoga pose by the “Suicide Squad”

3. Take a picture at the entrance of ‘The Steuart by Citrus’ with its logo and post it on the ‘iSpy’ Event page. The teams earned 100 points for this and further 1 point for each like for the post on Facebook.

4. The teams also had to find ‘Delish café’ on Havelock Road and take a selfie with the café’s special dish, check in on Facebook and upload the selfie on the Event page and get friends to like the post. This task was also allocated 100 points. The teams were able to earn points based on the number of likes for the post as well.

“Suicide Squad” at the Delish Cafe

‘iSpy’ which was a mix of a race, a scavenger hunt and a series of activities as mentioned above, was absolutely challenging and exciting for all who took part in the event. The hunt was definitely not an easy one, although we thought it was, at the start and we had to make sure we had the perfect team who was prepared to use their brains to think smart, act fast and proceed well beyond others. The day ended with all participants coming back together to Racecourse sharp at 1.00 pm, successfully completing all challenges and everyone had a really good time discussing the day’s events and what happened to each other. The overall winners of ‘iSpy’, out of 32 teams was the team “Snoop Dogs”, which is the team of our President Rtr. Praveen Fernando, who had a score of 1265 and the runner up was Team “Big Bums” with a score of 1216.

The winning Team- “Snoop Dogs”

All in all, this event was a wonderful experience for all the teams and all the participants enjoyed every bit of it. More importantly, everyone leant how to work as a team, manage their time carefully and successfully complete the challenges. We would like to thank the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown for organizing this event and giving the participants a wonderful experience. 

Written by-

Rtr. Ranithri Samarawickrama
Club Member 

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