Rotaractors of the Month – November 2023


Rtr. Inuka

Introducing Rtr. Inuka Perera, the Co-chairperson of Project Pathfinder, an initiative by Professional Development Avenue, is a very confident, dedicated individual who always worked his best for the project’s success. He was very attentive and was a great asset to the avenue directors. He is a major contributor to the project’s success and showed a lot of enthusiasm for it. His enthusiasm for the club is much appreciated, and we anticipate his assistance throughout the year. Rtr. Hanaa & Rtr. Afzal

Meet our next Rotaractors of the Month – November 2023, the driving force behind the Cleansy 4.0 River Cleanup Project, Rtr. Hanaa and Rtr. Afzal. As the project chairs, their commitment to environmental stewardship has shone brightly. Their leadership and passion for a cleaner, healthier river have inspired us all. They are hardworking individuals and very dedicated chairpersons who give their 100% to all the responsibilities taken up by them and the club. They have been reliable, active, and very supportive members ever since they joined RACUOCFMF. Also, they represented our club in RCL 2023 in many sports and brought us prestige in every single way they could. Join us in celebrating their well-deserved recognition and dedication to our community.Rtr. Chethana

Rtr. Chethana was the Co-chairperson of Project Blind Walk, and he has extended his support to many projects by being a committee member and participating in many projects carried out by our club. He is a hardworking, reliable individual who loves working with others and puts his effort into getting the job done with a team despite circumstances. Chethana is a good leader and a great team player who always works his best for the project’s success. We appreciate the enthusiasm he shows towards the club, and we look forward to receiving his support throughout the year. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rtr. Inuka, Rtr. Afzal, Rtr. Hanaa and Rtr. Chethana for their outstanding achievements. We appreciate their enthusiasm towards the club, and we look forward to receiving their support throughout the year. We at RACUOCFMF congratulate them on being recognized as the Rotaractors of the month of November and wish them the best in all their future endeavors!Written By: –





Rtr. Nethuni De Silva
(Co-Director of Membership Development 2023-24)

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