Hi guys, I’m Shehani Leo – IPP of RACUOCFMF. Everybody calls me “LEO” because I’m a mini-lion. Yeah! You got it right. That’s because I’m short. If you are already here that means you’ve got through game 1. Yayyy!! Congrats, but it isn’t over yet. You’ve got to get to the Medical Faculty to win this. I will tell you the route I normally take. But, I’m not the person who remembers places and streets so bear with me but do remember that I always like to take the middle path.

So, are you ready? Wear your masks before you get in the car. Keep me on the line I will guide you. Let’s go!
Get yourself to the main gate of the Management Faculty. All good? Now, start our trip.
Head straight passing the place that we all used to visit – especially during September every year.

And a small issue, take a turn as you get here but, I have trouble choosing left and right. So good luck with that.
If you figured out the way next you will get to a junction. (There are a couple of junctions) I can’t remember which one exactly. Oh wait! It has a place with a slide and a cool name. I mean literally cool. When I was at Uni, I always had some of them with me. It freshens me up. Did you get there?

(Hint:- By now you should have found the first two places Shehani hinted about!! If you’re done, keep reading!!)

If you got there, you are almost there. But you will need to pass a couple of junctions again. Can’t remember how much though. But if you go on the right route, you will definitely get to a luxurious place in Cinnamon Gardens. No, No I’m not talking about the particular school you are thinking of. It has something to do with flying machines and with stars. Some of you must have already been there too. I know you will guess it.

Passing that you will have to head straight. One more place and you will get to FOM. Hang in there.
“Don’t be late, Get, to work” that’s exactly what we need to do right now. So, to get there You’ve got to find the place that stands as a foundation for that quote. You find it then you win this.
Oh! Got to go guys. Good Luck with the rest of the game!!

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