The art of writing

There’re numerous established forms of arts in this world, varying from traditional forms to more contemporary forms. Out of all those varying arts, writing is something which I’m hardly aware of, being considered as an art. Oxford dictionary defines art as, “the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings.” If we were to consider writing, that will always be an expression of ideas or feelings, despite the purpose the writing is being conducted for. Therefore, it won’t be wrong if we consider writing to be an art.

When we say writing, most of us will refer to that as literature writing which is the most obvious form of writing, but there are hundreds of different forms of writing called creative writing, ghost writing, academic writing, technical writing, and many more. Even though we have categorized writing as such for our convenience in order to identify the piece of work, the problem is, can we really categorize ones writing in such a manner? I might write something like a piece of creative writing, and someone else might consider that to be as a piece of technical writing, so does the confusion arise.

A true writer would always start his or her writing with the sole intention of whether the readers of their writing will be able to understand their message to them. In my opinion, writing is the most selfless form of art where you have to always look from your audiences’ point of view when conducting writing because the success of a writer’s piece of work would totally depends on how well the audience gets his message. The beauty of this is, writer might try to give the readers a certain message and the readers would understand it in a completely different way and yet would prefer their understanding of the work over the writer’s original message. Not like any other works of art, there’re million possible ways of looking at a single piece of writing and interpreting that.

I won’t make myself wrong if I were to say writing involves imagination at a massive level. The art of writing is the rhythm in which writers motion their pen for the flow of ideas that comes from their minds, now it will of course be the keyboard. A writer will be able to continue writing as long as there’s a consistent flow of ideas and once it stops, the writer knows that it’s time to pause his work. That’s why it is very much crucial for the writer to have a relaxed mind when writing, and at certain times, writing becomes a mind relaxing exercise for the writer. Like with every other art, writing needs concentration, losing that would damage the message that the writer is planning to deliver to the audience. So as the concentration, the writer will always have an aim before he picks up the pen to write, that’s what is going to help them to keep that flow of ideas ongoing, which will ultimately end up being a brilliant piece of work.

No writer will ever deliver a perfect piece of work, and there will not be any such thing called perfect writing, as long as the message that is delivered through the writing is clear to the readers, that will be a piece of art. Overall, writing is an enjoyable art to be done that can have a tremendous impact on the audience, none like any other form of art. Therefore, if you were to try the ‘art of writing’ make sure that you are committed to it, and if that is so, you will enjoy the ‘art of writing’.

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Jemin Joachim
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