The Brunching Series – Episode 10; ISSO – Prawn Crazy @ CCC


Located within the Colombo City Center, ISSO is an inviting haven for seafood enthusiasts. On our visit, we enjoyed exploring a range of delightful dishes showcasing their commitment to quality and flavor. From the moment we stepped in, it was evident that ISSO prioritizes excellent cuisine and a memorable dining experience.Our dining experience at ISSO began with an enticing starter: Tempura Prawns. The prawns were perfectly battered and fried to a golden crisp, offering a satisfying crunch with each bite. The dish was accompanied by a wasabi mayo dip that complemented the succulent prawns beautifully. It was a scrumptious start, setting high expectations for the rest of our meal. We decided on garlic fried rice with mixed seafood in a hot butter style for the main course. This dish was a symphony of flavors. The mixed seafood was an assortment of prawns and calamari. The hot butter style made it more enticing and complemented the garlic fried rice well.Another highlight of our meal was the signature prawn pasta. The pasta was cooked and coated in a rich tomato base that was generously laid. The dish also had a set of juicy prawn skewers. They also served us with a piece of garlic bread to go along the prawns. We opted for an iced cappuccino and a passion fruit lemonade to accompany our meal. The iced cappuccino was a delightful choice, providing a refreshing caffeine boost. However, the passion fruit lemonade stole the show. It was fizzy and tangy at the same time. It was the perfect matchup to go along with the flavorful meal we had.The exceptional service was one of the standout aspects of our visit to ISSO. The staff were friendly, attentive, and quick to respond to our needs, enhancing our dining experience. Their warm hospitality made us feel welcome and comfortable throughout our meal. The scenery at ISSO is another major key factor. The decor was modern and cozy. Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, enjoy a family meal, or simply take a break, ISSO offers the perfect setting.

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Rtr. Ehansa Rajapaksha
(Blog Team Member 2023-24)

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Rtr. Sandun Sanjeewa
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