11th Installation Ceremony of The Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa


In a spectacle that radiated inspiration and fellowship, the 11th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Alumni of the University of Moratuwa unfolded at the DHPL Auditorium on August 20th, 2023. With the ceremonial lighting of the oil lamp, the event marked the beginning of a new chapter, lasting nearly three hours. The occasion was graced by the presence of distinguished individuals, including Rtr. Nethuni De Silva, Rtr. Binula Thalawinna, Rtr. Dinuka Gunathilaka, Rtr. Shamalky Fernando, Rtr. Randula Chamath, Rtr. Hirumi Tharushika, Rtr. Venuja Silva, and Rtr. Kaveesha Dodanthenna, representing the FMFers.

The ceremony commenced with the ringing of the bells, as the Sergeant-at-Arms Rtr. Hiran Rajasooriya called the house to order, leading to a harmonious rendition of the national anthem that filled the auditorium. The customary Rotaract formalities ensued, highlighted by the Rotaract Invocation gracefully delivered by Rtr. Abirami Ganeshamurthi. The essence of the club was highlighted in the Rotaract song that resonated through the hall, uniting hearts and voices. Amidst the jubilation, a moment of solemn reflection was observed in honor of the late Rtr. Nihara Warnawijaya from the Rotaract Club of IIT was a saddening reminder of the close-knit bonds and the cherished memories shared within the Rotaract community.Gracing the podium, Rtr. Chamodi Samarasighne, the Co-Director of Club Service Avenue, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, setting the stage for the evening’s captivating proceedings. The spotlight then turned to the outgoing Secretary, Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage, as she presented the Secretary’s Report for the year 2022-23. With meticulous detail, she revisited the milestones achieved, encompassing 13 projects across various avenues, aligned with 7 sustainable development goals and all the Rotary’s focus areas. Each initiative, from “Aya” to “Mora Mash,” was eloquently addressed, culminating in a poignant video that encapsulated a year of dedication and impact. As she bid goodbye to her role, Rtr. Lakshani expressed her gratitude for the remarkable journey and the exceptional individuals she encountered along the way.

The stage was then handed over to the intro of the mastermind of the club’s 10th chapter, the outgoing President Rtr. Ayesh Weerasignhe. In a lighthearted acknowledgment, his appetite for punctuality (opposite) was playfully addressed, setting a joyous tone for the evening. Then a heartfelt speech followed, where Rtr. Ayesh thanked his Board of Directors for their unwavering support, especially his secretary Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage. Oh yes, he agreed “Punctuality was a big issue was mine”. As he passed the baton of leadership, he commended Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage and her team, affirm his faith in their ability to elevate the club to greater heights.A touching moment arrived as the past executive committee and board of directors were acknowledged by the immediate past president, Rtr. Ayesh Weerasignhe. The torch of gratitude was passed as a special token of appreciation was conferred upon Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage from the outgoing President, tit for tat by a heartfelt gesture from her. The mic then found its way to Rtr. Kavishka Gunarathna, a close companion of the incoming President, Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage. With warmth and affection, she introduced the incoming President as a caring, empathetic, and vibrant character, fondly referred to as Laki. “Happy-go-lucky,” she said. Her introduction painted a portrait of an individual who brings a motherly touch to everything she does, marking a promising start to her presidency.

In a symbolic gesture of succession, Rtr. Ayesh Weerasignhe gracefully collared and handed over the responsibilities to the newly appointed President, Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage, officially inaugurating her term as the President of the Rotaract Club of Alumni University of Moratuwa for the Rotaract Year 2023-24. Taking the floor, Rtr. Lakshani expressed her excitement for the journey ahead, raising a toast to the unwritten chapters awaiting the club’s embrace. “cheers to the chapter yet to be written and entitled to embark” she mentioned.

Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the year 2023-24are as follows.

President – Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage
Immediate Past President – Rtr. IPP Ayesh Weerasighne
Vice President Administration – Rtr. Manul Thenuka
Vice President Club Service – Rtr. Malitha Gunarwardena
Vice President Community Service – Rtr. Gihara Wikramathunga
Vice President International Service – Rtr. Samadi Senewirathna
Vice President Professional Development – Rtr. Sachin Silva
Joint Secretary – Rtr. Janushi Sooriyaarachi
Joint Secretary – Rtr. Dulith Fernando
Assistant Secretary – Rtr. Abirami Ganeshamurthi
Treasurer – Rtr. Hiran Rajasooriya
Sergeant at Arms – Rtr. Supun Pushpakumara
Senior Editor – Rtr. Leesha Samadi
Senior Director Public Relations – Rtr. Tharusha Kalunil
Co-Editor – Rtr. Thushan Kavishka
Co-Editor – Rtr. Thilan Karunarathne
Co-Editor – Rtr. Prasadi Weerakkodi
Co-Director Club Service – Rtr. Chamodi samarasighne
Co-Director Club Service – Rtr. Senith Cooray
Co-Director Club Service – Rtr. Yashmith Anushka
Co-Director Community Service – Rtr. Madushan Sathsara
Co-Director Community Service – Rtr. Manula thennakoon
Co-Director Environment Service – Rtr. Chathurika Wijesooriya
Co-Director Environment Service – Rtr. Samathika Rajapaksha
Co-Director International Service – Rtr. Lakindu Sampath
Co-Director International Service – Rtr. Dineth Methannanda
Co-Director Professional Development– Rtr. Diluka Withanage
Co-Director Professional Development – Rtr. Nimesh Kavinda
Co-Director Partnership Development – Rtr. Upeshika Erandi
Co-Director Partnership Development- Rtr. Akitha Pathiraja
Co-Director Public Relations – Rtr. Nirodha Sampath
Co-Director Public Relations – Rtr. Roshaka Perera
Co-Director It- Rtr Banuka Liyanage
Co-Director IT – Rtr. Geshan Subasighna
Director Membership Development – Rtr. Sathira Liyanapathirana
Co-director sports – Rtr. Imal Thyaga
Co-Director Sports – Rtr. Yasiru Wijesiri
Rotary Coordinator – Rtr. Akila Senevirathna

With the incoming President at the helm, the spotlight turned to the upcoming year’s leadership team, with Rtr. Senith Cooray, the newly appointed Club Service Director, lighted up the stage with an entertaining performance. The event reached its peak with the address by the keynote speaker of the day, Miss Rasini Bandara. Her words resonated deeply as she emphasized the power of intention in serving society and urged everyone to embrace individuals as they are. Her poignant quote, “Service to others is the rent that you pay for your room here on earth,” left an indelible mark on the hearts of the attendees.The final words were carried by the Chief Guest, Youth Service Director of the Rotary Club of Colombo, Rtn. Brayan Selvanathan. His words of encouragement and appreciation for the newly appointed committee resonated profoundly, echoing the sentiment that every act of kindness and positive change has the potential to save lives. As the evening drew to a close, tokens of appreciation were extended to the event’s special contributors, followed by felicitations from fellow clubs, where Rtr. Nethuni De Silva conveyed the wishes behalf of RACUOCFMF. With hearts full and spirits ignited, we bid farewell to a day that shall forever remain etched in the gallery of cherished recollections.The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance extended their warm wishes to the incoming President, Rtr. Lakshani Pathirage, and her Board of Directors, embarked on another year of transformation, compassion, and excellence. With the 11th chapter unfurled, the stage was set for the Rotaract Club to continue its inspiring journey of making a positive impact on lives and society at large.

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Rtr. Shamalky Fernando
(Co-Director of Environmental Service 2023-24)

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Rtr. Dinuka Gunathilaka
(Co-Director of Environmental Service 2023-24)

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