In celebration of another marvelous adventure, The Rotaract Club of Battaramulla led the way to their 18th Installation Ceremony which was held on the 6th of August at Colombo Lighthouse Tower from 2.00 pm onwards. Representing the RACUOCFMF Rtr. Yogashini and Rtr.Ajini was present to witness and rejoice at the beginning of the novel quest. The installation commenced after the house was called to order by the Immediate Past President Rtr. Chathura Perera which was then followed by the Conventional Rotaract Formalities; Flag Salutation, Rotaract Invocation, Four Way Test, and Rotaract song.

Next up the gathering was addressed by the Project chairperson Rtr. Steeve David for the installation ceremony. Proceeding that the incoming Secretary Rtr.Anaam for the RI year 2022-23 presented the secretary’s report on behalf of Rtr. Savini emphasized the major impactful projects like ‘Resist and Recover’, ‘Reeflex’, and ‘Our Period’. In addition, the achievements and the citations received by the club in the RI year 2022-23 for their impactful projects with their considerable club members and how they were able to face the ups and downs along with the inspiration by fellow Rotaractors.Following the secretary’s report, the captivating recap video of The Rotaract Club of Battaramulla brought tears of joy and pain in the heart of the outgoing President Rtr. Chathura Perera for the great height the club has reached now from the place where he took over it. Further, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the unwavering support of his club members and bid a job well done for his past board as well as the Presidents of his fellow Rotaract clubs and winded up his speech by saying “May Battaramulla Blossom”.Next up, the Incoming President Rtr. Kaveesha Siriwardena was introduced by her beloved sister Rtr. Hiruni, by addressing her as a very strong and bold person with great leadership skills and the definition of hardworking. Then the President addressed the gathering by sharing her amazing journey throughout Rotaract and welcomed her dynamic new board of officials with the audience’s applause.

Finally, it was time! Time to introduce the leading crew of the ship for the upcoming year.

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the year 2023-24 are as follows.

President: Rtr. Kaveesha Siriwardena
Immediate Past President: Rtn.Rtr. Chathura Perera
Vice President and Professional Development Director: Rtr. PP. Usama Liyaudeen
Secretary: Rtr. PP. Anaam Nilar
Treasury: Rtr. Mohideen Miftha
Sergent-At-Arms and Director of Club Service: Rtr. Steeve David
Editor and Director of Community Service: Rtr. Gayara Rathnabarana
Director of Club Service: Rtr. Jaykishan Ravikumar
Director of International Service: Rtr. Samadi Gunawardena
Director of Public Relations: Rtr. Pasan DarmasenaNext, an entertainment session lined up lightened the spirits of the audience, ‘Master Sir’ and ‘Heal the World’ songs were beautifully sung by Rtr. Gayara Rathnabarana and Rtr. Samadi Gunawardena along with the audience. Afterward, the District Rotaract Representative Rtn.Rtr. PP. Sathma Jayasinghe addressed the gathering, which was then followed by the Guest of Honor Rtn. PHF. Amjath Yoosuf and the Chief Guest Rtn. Sumit Law.

This was followed by presenting the tokens of appreciation for the chief guests and the vote of thanks which was delivered with a lot of passion for the coming year by the incoming secretary Rtr. Anaam Nilar. Lastly, the felicitation by the well-wishers present was completed adjourning the formalities of the ceremony.The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance would like to extend its warm wishes to Rtr. Kaveesha and her Board for their upcoming journey they just embarked upon.

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Rtr. Ajini Onethra
(Co-Director of Digital Communications 2023-24)

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Rtr. Yogashini Namasivayam
(Co-Director of International Service 2023-24)

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Rtr. Sandasi Senaratne
(Blog Team Member 2023-24)


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