Aarambayak 2020


Project Arambayak’ 20 marked the end of another momentous year at RACUOCFMF and the beginning of new hopes and commitments through comradeship. While congratulating the newly appointed Club President and Secretary Rtr. Aamina Ismail and Rtr. Kulani Salgado respectively, Project “Aarambayak” was held on 18th July for the 4th consecutive year with the aim of obtaining blessings from the four main religious doctrines for yet another euphoric year for RACUOCFMF.

Amidst all the barriers faced due to the global pandemic, the project saw the participation of few avid members representing the entire club. We also ensured that the project was conducted in accordance with the health guidelines and safety precautions issued by the Government.

Early morning on 18th Saturday, the members gathered at “Vajira” Kovil, Bambalapitiya which was our first place of worship. We started the day by offering the “Pooja” to the sacred god, “Gana” and following that, the Swami chanted blessings for our new journey. We worshiped the sacred Hindu Gods and after the “Pooja” concluded we shared our offerings with the others. All in all, it was quite a meaningful start for a day which rekindled our aspirations.

18 ஆம் திகதி சனிக்கிழமை அதிகாலை, எங்கள் முதல் வழிபாட்டுத்தலமான பம்பலப்பிட்டி வஜிர கோவிலில் உறுப்பினர்கள் ஒன்றுகூடினர்.புனித கடவுளான விநாயகருக்கு பூஜை செய்து எங்கள் புதிய பயணத்திற்கான ஆசிர்வாதத்தை பெற்றுக்கொண்டோம். பூஜை நிறைவில் எங்கள் வழிபாடுகளை பிற வழிபாட்டாளர்களுடன் பகிர்ந்து கொண்டோம். அந்நாளின் அர்த்தம் மிக்க தொடக்கம், எங்கள் அபிலாஷைகளை புதுப்பிக்கும் படி அமைந்தது.

Our next stop was the “Meththaramaya” Temple Bambalapitiya. However, before we entered the temple, we distributed homemade packets of lunch to the less fortunate with the genuine hope that this little act of kindness would just be the beginning of a journey where we would  rise up by lifting others. Afterwards, the members got together and made beautiful flower arrangements to offer Lord Buddha. Following that, we offered flowers, lit oil lamps, incense sticks and gathered before the “Bo Tree” and Buddha Statue to receive blessings from the Head Monk of the temple. He also conducted a sermon where he emphasized the importance of doing good deeds to others and started off this way.

“හැම සුබ වැඩක් ආරම්භයේදීම ආශිර්වාද ගැනීම ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අපේ පුරුද්දක්, අද මේ දරුවන්ගේ නව වර්ෂය සාර්ථක වීමට ආශිර්වාද ගන්න ආපු ගමනක් මේ, තමන්ගේ වැඩත් සාර්ථක කරගෙන අනුන්ගේ ජීවිතත් සාර්ථක කරන්නට මේ දරුවන්ට ශක්තිය, ධෛර්යය ලැබේවා කියලා ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරමු.”

According to him, all of us were born with the purpose of supporting each other and as a club promoting comradeship we prompted ourselves to be more charitable. The session concluded with the chanting of “Pirith” and afterwards “Pirikara” were offered.  

Subsequently we went to St. Mary’s Church, Bambalapitiya and right before we entered the church, we washed and sanitized our hands, well aware that blessings obtained by being inconsiderate about others would only be futile. Rev. Father Felician conducted a sermon which enlightened us about the religious beliefs and afterwards we joined him in praying, singing hymns and earnestly seeking blessings for a successful year.

 “May these children have the strength and courage to do good to the community throughout the year and may the Lord shower them with love and abundant blessings”

Following the prayer session, together we lit candles and to us the flames signified the light we bring to the society through fellowship and our zealous courage.

Finally, as our last stop for the day, we went to the “Dewatagaha Jumma Masjid”. The Moulavis conducted a sermon for us introducing the religion and emphasizing the importance of community service. Further we were encouraged to share our knowledge and wisdom with the community at all times.

 “Seek knowledge from the cradle to grave” was the final advice the Moulavi gave the members. Afterwards they were kind enough to treat us with dates and beverages and with that the well scheduled and blessed day concluded marking the successful completion of the first project for the year.

As another year of RACUOCFMF began with new hopes, aspirations and dreams, the new beginning was graced with innumerable blessings from all four religions. Although all of our members could not participate this year, they prayed from their homes and we are quite certain that they perceived the powerful blessings in their hearts as well.

In conclusion, all four religions made us realize that all of us are born with a purpose and that purpose is giving back to the society. As the saying goes, with teamwork and unification, we can make the dream work! The sensational memories made at Arambayak’20 will always be carried in our hearts.

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Written By:

Rtr. Saseni Wijegunawardane
( Co-Director – Community Service – 2020/21 )

Rtr.  Kethni Wijesinghe
( Co-Director – Community Service – 2020/21 )

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