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Project Adopt Nature was one of the eminent projects carried out by RACUOCFMF under the Community Service Avenue as well as the Environmental Services Avenue; as its secondary avenue. This was carried out with the basic intention of widening public awareness of the green concepts and sustainability concepts. Since we were going through a pandemic, the project was exclusively carried out via virtual platforms. Our Green Dream Facebook page was the main platform where we published all the eye-catching posts, and we were also able to carry out few valuable discussions via zoom and Facebook live as well.

The project was initiated on the 9th  of October 2020 and we were able to complete it by the 23rd of February 2021. The project spanned over a significant period of time as it comprised five different sub-projects. Initially a social media campaign, “Eco-fusion” was carried out through Facebook in order to increase the knowledge on sustainability and good green practices. Via this campaign, we published posts related to sustainability concepts with the aim of spreading awareness among people and motivating them to take necessary steps to implement good sustainable practices.

Along with this social media campaign, we were able to carry out a quiz competition as the second sub-phase of “Eco-Fusion”. “Eco-quiz” was the theme of this and it saw the avid participation of nearly 70 participants from various different Rotaract Clubs. The competition took place through a quite interesting platform named Quizziz and turned out to be a fun-filled quiz that received amazing feedback. Since most people were at home, we realized that there was a good demand for mobile data, so the winners were awarded data packages worth Rs. 1000/=.

The third sub-phase of the project was a virtual discussion carried out via zoom and Facebook live, with the presence of  Dr. Iroja Caldera, who is one of the prominent individuals when it comes to sessions concerning plant science. “A glimpse into the amazing world of plants” was the theme of this discussion and it was a very informative session where the participants had the chance of acquiring some interesting knowledge about plants and the importance of safeguarding them. We held this on the 29th of November with the participation of more than fifty participants. The main focus of the session was to widen the knowledge about environment surrounding us and also to provide some interesting facts about mother nature.

As the fourth phase of project “Eco-Fusion”, we conducted the sub-phase, “Environment 360o where the participants were given the chance to raise all the matters they had in relation to the current environmental issues. This took place on the 8th of January where we were able to have one of the well-renowned individuals in the industry; Dr. Jagath Gunawardana. We had the opportunity of getting some good insights, and the feedback received on this phase was overwhelming. We were also able to carry out a treasure hunt to double the excitement of the project.

The fifth phase of this project was a craft competition, “Eco- challenge”, that was carried out in order to promote good sustainable practices, where we highlighted the importance of the efficient usage of excess material and waste. The participants of the competition contributed by making beautiful crafts out of excess resources and waste. The winner was selected based on the number of likes and shares the person got for his/ her relevant post and was awarded a cash price worth LKR 4000. The conclusion of the craft competition brought us to the end of the Project Adopt Nature, which spanned five long, yet exciting months.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants who took part in this initiative and all the individuals who contributed in making this impactful project an immense success.

Written By:

Rtr. Senara De Silva
(Member – 2020/21)

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