All Hallows Eve


Halloween Day which is also known as the All Hallows Eve is celebrated on the 31st of October. The day is celebrated to mark the end of the summer and the beginning of the winter.

The history of Halloween Day evolves back to the festival of Samhain which was celebrated among the Celts in Britain and Ireland. They believed that the souls of the dead returned back to their homes on this day. People lit bonfires to frighten away these evil spirits. While doing so they wore masks in order to avoid being recognized. This marked the origin of wearing fancy costumes on Halloween eve.Halloween is celebrated in different ways all around the world. Wearing spooky costumes is the most prominent way of celebration. Carving scary faces on pumpkin also known as Jack-o-lanterns and arranging haunted houses are other ways to celebrate Halloween. Children get dressed up in spooky attires and visit the houses where they will be served with sweet treats. Halloween parties are also organized where they get dressed up according to themes and celebrate the day with a lot of fun activities. 

Modern Halloween celebrations are a combination of traditional and imaginary celebrations. It is an opportunity for grown-ups to unleash their inner child. Over the years the celebrations have been modernized and turned out to be a trend among people. Even Though it originated as a religious celebration, it has now turned out to be a fun celebration among people of all ages.So on this Halloween day don’t forget to put your spooky attire on and prank your friends. Also don’t forget to share all the horror stories and watch a horror movie for sure.

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