In the quiet recesses of the night, I find myself dreaming of endless possibilities. Each night, a dream unfolds, whispering promises of a future where you and I dance through eternity. “Will you be my forever and ever?” I ask the moon, my silent confidant. In these dreams, I cast myself as your knight in shining armor, determined to banish procrastination and turn desires into reality.

Yet, like a bird gracefully eluding capture, you remain beyond my reach. Your presence in my life is more than a mere accomplishment; it is an attainment, an elusive angel that I yearn to call mine. They say love is a game so I ponder whether you would play this game with me. The skeptics whisper that the age gap could jeopardize the foundation of our love story. Will we marry before I settle, or will you commit before I’m ready? The pendulum of uncertainty swings between us, challenging our resolve. The echoes of our parents’ decades-long friendships remind us of the fragility of relationships.The “what ifs” of 2024 swirl in my mind. What if we could defy the age gap, erase the worries about the future, and break free from the shackles of our parents’ history? What if we could become each other’s “ONE” for all eternity? Practicalities aside, our commonalities bridge the gaps. Work becomes a shared journey, cricket a mutual passion, and the university, a few miles away, shortens the physical distance. You like One Direction, and so do I. Cricket emerge as a prominent note that harmonizes our connection. Your affinity for the sport resonates with my passion for the game. As I play cricket, I secretly hope that you notice the finesse in my strokes, the dedication in my bowling, and the fire in my spirit, mirroring the charisma of Virat Kohli. In these moments on the pitch, I envision us as a dynamic duo, akin to Virat and Anushka, crafting our narrative within the realm of love and shared dreams. Perhaps, as the cricket ball races across the field, it carries with it the unspoken words of my heart, echoing the desire to be your Virat. As April approaches, a yearning to celebrate your birthday by your side tugs at my heart. However, reality interjects, and settling for an Instagram DM becomes the compromise, much like the year before.With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and emotions coursing through my mind, I summon the courage to ask, “Do you want to go out and eat cheesecake with me?” It is a simple question, yet laden with the weight of uncertainties. What do we have to lose, my angel? What risks are we not willing to take? The dance of playing hard to get ensues, and I find myself hesitating, afraid of disrupting the friendship we share.Written By:





Rtr. Amaan Thaha
(Co-Editor 2023-24)


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Mandini Gabadage

love this! ❤️

Amaan Thaha

Thanks CO🥹❤️