Be Ideal 2018

The corporate world is filled with numerous opportunities as well as challenges and it requires a high level of skills to survive and thrive in it. But that does not mean the academic achievements alone can pave the way.

Employers always look for the right people with the right attitudes. Therefore, everything from your LinkedIn account to the way you behave in an interview could matter in deciding your career success.

BE IDEAL: a project by the Rotaract club of the University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance, aimed at developing interview and social media skills, was concluded successfully on 6th of August 2018 at the faculty premises. This was the first project for the year 2018/19 under the Professional Development avenue.

The workshop was held in partnership with Unilever Sri Lanka and was conducted by Mr. Peshala Samarathunga, Ms. Upeksha Rathnayake; two graduates from the University of Colombo, currently employed as Management Trainees at Unilever Sri Lanka and Ms.Keshavi Puswewala; HR Business Partner-Corporate Functions and Research and Development Employee Brand Lead-Unilever Sri Lanka, who is a graduate of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. SPARKS; the Unilever Student Ambassador program coordinated the event.

Key objectives of this project were to prepare the university undergraduates to face an interview successfully and make them aware of the proper ways to handle a LinkedIn account. 

Thus, Mr. Peshala Samarathunga started the session by enlightening the participants on tips to choose the correct employer, making your CV stand out, prior preparation for an interview and giving your best during the interview. Using only the first name and the last name, emphasizing on the immediate educational qualifications you have got, being more precise and informative on explaining about the positions held on clubs and societies and other non-academic qualifications, and including a professional photograph, were some of the points given by him.

In addition, BE IDEAL opened a new doorway to the students by introducing the SPARKS program conducted by Unilever SriLanka. Ms. Upeksha Rathnayake, a SPARK herself, explained how the program exposes its members to new, dynamic and challenging situations enabling them to learn through experience. Past members of SPARKS, shared their accomplishments achieved through SPARKS, to encourage us to be a part of it.

Your social media presence could make all the difference in your corporate journey. One of the most interesting events of BE IDEAL was where Ms. Keshavi Puswewala raised awareness on the Dos and Don’ts of social media. She showed how important it is to maintain professionalism and keep our profiles frequently updated on social media sites such as LinkedIn. It also explained about the strategies that can be used to show through your social media accounts, your personal qualities, interests and activities that an employer might look for, when recruiting the right people.

Rotaractors as well as Non-Rotaractors from various faculties were present for the event and it is certain that each and every one of them gained immense knowledge, that would drive them towards their career dreams. 

The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance together with Unilever Sri Lanka would like to wish them all success in their journey.



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Rtr. Ayodya De Silva






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