Be the love you never received

Self-esteem is the degree to which we believe ourselves to be worthwhile. However, social comparison is argued to be a contributing factor to low self-esteem, which leads to believing socially accepted benchmarks as more important than internal or personal traits since we get people’s highlight reels and compare it to ourselves.

Comparison is the thief of joy. If the story in our mind is “We are not good enough” or the kind of thinking that says “We need to be PERFECT and anything less is not enough”, we are feeding our minds with negative thoughts and will cause stress or worries that we shouldn’t be having or deserve to have. Telling our brain these kinds of things are adding fuel to fire. So we should not base our self-worth on something as ever changing as our body. If we do so, we will always and forever be on an emotional rollercoaster. 

We are so much more than our body. We can either view ourselves in a negative lens or a positive lens. No matter what size we are, how much weight we lose or gain, how often we work out, we will still not feel comfortable or happy in our own skin unless we accept ourselves from inside and outside, embrace our flaws, be kind to our mind and appreciate what our body does. 

Law of attraction is a philosophy that suggests the way of using the power of your mind to manifest into reality. It explains how positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. And that is why focusing on health becomes a huge form of self-love. Real us are beautiful. 

Our body hears everything our mind says. Therefore, the way we speak to ourselves matters. 

“So Dear self, 

True that we are going through a hard time right now, but we are not a failure nor could we ever be. We will preserve and come out more than we have ever been before. Together we are enough. We will conquer this new future. We are significant, smart, strong and worth it. This time we will put ourselves first. we will respect and honor ourselves.”

Appreciate the little things because it’s all the little things that will add real value to our lives. Allow ourselves to actually enjoy life.

Written By:-

Rtr. G. D. S. Mandini
(General Member – 2022-23)

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Ruzni Faik

Love this! ❤️
Just the stuff we all want to hear with the personal battles we all face!
These exact things were mentioned to me by a well-wisher and I am forever grateful!

Nethmi Perera

Love this a lot! It’s actually a good reminder for anyone going through a hard time.


A heart touching piece of work.
Well done Mandi !! ♥️🫶🏻

Changa Mallavige

One of the most wholesome articles ive read ! ❤️
Good job mandi😍


Love this a lot.. ❤❤❤
Well done Mandi 👍👍