Be the Santa this Christmas!

I just can’t wait!!! Until it’s tomorrow! Ohh I can’tttt! I am supposed to be in bed rolled around my comfy blanket, but I’m not. I’m too excited for this so I’m snuggling up by the window and waiting for Santa to come to me, flying across the night sky. I’m staring at the smoke that rises from the chimneys and fades into flakes of chilly air and the beauty of the snow-tipped pines. I’m waiting for you Santa! I’m waiting for my gift!

My tired yet hopeful eyes then fall asleep near the open window until its morning. And like electricity that shocks, they open instantly, taking in every ray of light. With the unusual heartbeat that pounds inside, I wonder what happened. It’s already morning! I pull away my blanket and stand up with my bare feet. Trying not to make the sound of my door clicking open, and the sound of my footie pajamas that sweep the tiled floor, I slowly take my steps out of my room. And yesss I see it! He has been here! The tell-tale signs of the large, wrapped presents beneath the Christmas tree give away the confidence that my toy is waiting for it to be unwrapped. I run shouting “It’s here! It’s here!”

I remember these days when Christmas was all about the excitement of awaiting to unwrap all my gifts that mysteriously appeared beneath our Christmas tree. Little me believed in Santa Claus’s flying cart that he loads with all the gifts to children. Being a more grown-up, a few years later, I realized that there was no real magic of Santa, but I always believe that the real magic of Christmas will always remain!

The red and white you see all around, that sets the perfect Christmas mood, the Santa vibes, Christmas trees, the cold weather, yummy Christmas desserts, and bright lights that cover every post and tree on this special day add more and more beauty to our world. And this day will brighten up not just another day in the calendar, but a day where we dream of Santa and where we all can become Santa for one another. 

Wanna be a Santa this Christmas? Let me tell you how to. You don’t need to appear as a happy, long-bearded old man that always wears a red hat and red clothes. But just know what true Christmas is and the true spirit of Santa. Like the petals of a flower that spreads its scent and beauty, unfolding it to the world for love and care, the Christmas spirit too is about folding forth in that sense, not with countless “gifts” with “price tags” but the real priceless presents we offer to one another. So let the sparkling gifts remain on their shelves as Christmas never comes from a store, but with all that is warm and could be even handmade. The Christmas light doesn’t have to be about the polluting LED strings of plastic wire, we could light up this world with the spirit of our own souls and hearts to make our society and planet a better place. This way you can be the real Santa to everyone.

Perhaps these are the reasons we never entirely stop daydreaming about Christmas. Because even with never receiving gifts from Santa, we never stopped believing. Because our belief was something about the simple facts that inspired the beauty of the world. 

Christmas is a day we celebrate the richness of loving bonds, to see the “unseen” of everything that makes life so great every day of the year. With a year ending with the celebration of Christmas, we are about to begin anew in life in another year. It is a welcome of new fortunes and the courage to face whatever life throws us with grace and a loving heart while reflecting on all the blessings granted in a 365-day year we passed.

So Merry Christmas, to all those souls who believe in the real Santa that’ll bring real joy this Christmas! Don’t forget to be a small gift to the less fortunate this Christmas, because if the season is about anything at all, it’s about being real Santas for one another, to create that stronger sense of family beyond hereditary lines. And let the coming year set us to become more like people who look to Christ’s example and sincerely follow it. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written By:-

Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya
(Co-Editor 2022-23)

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Well Wisher

Just loved it! The read made me feel like a kid at the beginning and at the end I was all grown up! Great work! ❤️


Well written ! Truly makes you appreciate the holidays and act of giving to another.

Piravena Paheerathan

A good read…enjoyed it! Made me reminisce about my childhood but grounded me with reality too! Beautifully explained the true meaning of Christmas!