Behind the fence

One day a little Jasmine blossomed
In a tree full of Dust. Behind the fence of class and caste.
Warm droplets of water, sliding besides the pale petals of her
everyday like an overflowing tank.

The little innocent flower in her just born dusty appearance ,tried to jump
into the rose garden in front of ,but faraway.
She wanted to know why they’re that pleasing.
But she isn’t!
Every moment enjoying, dancing with the sun.

Mid noon, a storm heard the Sad tone of the little flower
telling him that she wants to go
But How?
She wanted To know how to reach that Daydream,
before the evening.

The harsh wind answered softly,

” You may come with me, taking endless efforts,
Fruitful and you will be there with The Roses enjoying
glowing and without even knowing what dust is.

You matches with the fragrance of education and luck with them,
even you are dusty, humpty and hungry.
Do you know?
All my power will let you enter that world, untouchable it seems.”

“My dust can’t let me stop.
Yes! I’ll accompany you ,cause I know
only you will help me reach that daydream, dear wind.”

At the end of the day, in the evening , the jasmine was in the world in front of,
Among the RED ROSES.
Shining and enjoying with a fragrance of
luxury and luck!

“It’s you, the strong wind, the storm.
Passed me here and let me see the world, being among these red roses,
smelling awesome with the shine.
Thine power made me find my power.
Let me hang on to you every moment I want to thank you.”
Once said the little flower with a glimpse of gratitude,
to the strong stormy WIND.

Written by : 

Jayandi Onethra
(Top 20 nominee)
Wordsville 2.0

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