Rtr. Amaan Thaha

Meet Amaan, an avid Taylor Swift enthusiast with an unwavering passion for Alexa Bliss. In addition to his diverse interests, he is not just a cricket enthusiast but also a dedicated player. His commitment to whatever he does shines through every way. Need a chat or coffee recommendation? He’s your go-to person. He’s also a pro at lifting spirits. When you’re in a bad mood, he knows exactly how to cheer you up. He’s not only a dedicated companion but also someone who goes the extra mile to ensure the success of the FMF blog, pouring his heart into making it the best it can be.

Rtr. Mandini Gabadage

Mandini, affectionately known as Mandi, possesses a smile that could light up a room, yet she guards it behind a mask, revealing it only to those fortunate enough to be in her inner circle. Her laughter, a rare and cherished melody, resonates most freely during coffee-fueled conversations. Despite her enchanting grin, Mandi remains committed to a diligent diet, a testament to her discipline and self-care. Dressed perennially in the elegance of black, she embodies a timeless sophistication that captures attention without demanding it. To have a Mandi in one’s life is to be blessed with the warmth of her company and the subtle magic she weaves into every shared moment.

Rtr. Sethmi Navoda

Sethmi is one of the shortest girls in our blog team and always wears a big smile on her face with a kind heart. This little human being loves to travel රටවටේ but if you ask her to join a two-day trip, indeed her answer is “ගෙදරින් එවන්නෙ නෑ අනේ” . However this cutest girl has a magical ability to show off her creativity through painting in addition to writing.

Rtr. Kumudu Lakshani

Kumudu our shining academic star who not only aces exams but also has a heart of gold . She’s the go-to person for classmates seeking help, patiently unraveling complex subjects. With big dreams and a clear vision of the future, she’s always planning and working hard to seize every opportunity. Kumudu is the epitome of an all-rounder.

Rtr. Onasha Fernando

Onasha or shawty, to her friends, is the mom of the bunch, always making sure that we don’t accidentally hurt ourselves. She might seem a bit cold at first but once you warm up to her, she’s the most caring and compassionate friend that you ask for. Contrary to her belief onasha is somewhat of a stubborn person, but all that can be fixed if she gets her morning cup of coffee. Onasha is a simple individual without many interests however the few that she does have seem to revolve around airplanes.

Rtr. Hana Rameez

Meet Hana, the dependable dreamer who we can count on anything! Whether she’s indulging in sweet dreams or satisfying her ice cream cravings, she’s your go-to gal. Hana’s love for a good nap and a scoop of ice cream is legendary. With her, every moment becomes a delightful adventure, and you can trust her to bring joy to any occasion!

Rtr. Sandasi Senaratne

Sandasi; A character like no one ; born with bossiness, humor, smartness and cuteness overloaded. The ultimate Taylor swift fan and she will never get a lyric wrong. If you see a bunch of 2nd years gossiping around you’ll definitely find her there. She can light up the room at anytime with her jokes and can bring a laugh to anyone’s dull mood. she can’t stay awake to study for exams but surely to build her Legos, which is her one and only hobby.

Rtr. Ehansa Rajapaksha

Ehansa; Though she may be small in stature, her spirit shines brilliantly like a guiding star . Her bubbly personality radiates positivity wherever she treads, making her the life of every gathering. Beyond her infectious energy, she’s the steadfast friend you can always rely on, no matter the circumstances. In her presence, you’ll find unwavering support, a boundless source of joy, and a heart as vast as the sky. She’s the epitome of a true friend—a bright,
unwavering light in our lives.”

Rtr. Nirushika Sandeepani

There is a girl who loves to write and her creativity is quite a sight. Nirushika AKA Niruu, is one of the main caption writers for the whole 21/22 FMF batch. She is the full package of imaginative writing, singing and a karate champion. If you can’t find her in the faculty, you can indeed find her in between Russian bookshelves, 3rd floor in the main library.

Rtr. Binuri Dasanayake


The incredibly talented Binuri; Sewing, baking, Acedemics, cooking, making Tiktoks, beautician stuff, Hand crafts whatever it is even if she does it for the first time she ll ace at it. She ll say she is a dog lover, but we all know she’s a forever cat mom. With a heart as tall as she is, she’s someone you can always count on.

Rtr. Mekhala Vithanage

Mekhala is a remarkable young woman who has a powerhouse of intelligence, and creativity and is an absolute joy to be around. She is a vast foodie yet, කොච්චර කෑවත් කෙට්ටු version. Above all, she’s a loyal and caring friend, always ready to offer unwavering support to those in need. The potential to approach every challenge with a good understanding and generously share her insights to shine the path is the biggest reason for having her on our blog team.

Rtr. Dinuri Ranawake

Dinuri; The Anime-Adoring, Eternal Latecomer with a Signature Laugh! Her knack for getting replies is as rare as her punctuality. But her adorable childlike enthusiasm and that unmistakable laugh that cracks the sound barrier make every moment with her an anime-worthy adventure!

Rtr. Sandhiya Selvaraj

Introducing Sandhiya: A dazzling dancer, renowned Elle superstar, unmatched in meeting deadlines, and the driving force behind our Tamil team’s triumphs, igniting inspiration with her remarkable talent and unwavering determination.

Rtr. Nitharshanan Sivabalasundaram

Meet Nitharshanan: Towering in stature, he straddles the worlds of law and management, his quiet demeanor belies a profound capability. A master of content, equally adept in writing and editing, his diverse talents blend seamlessly to craft compelling narratives with precision and finesse.

Rtr. Sandun Sanjeewa

Introducing Sandun: A towering figure with a knack for video capturing and editing, he’s the steadfast backbone of support, always dependable and accountable. Mastering the art of visual storytelling, his passion shines through, elevating every project with his unparalleled skill and unwavering dedication.

Rtr. Yasali Dulhara

Meet Yasali: A powerhouse weightlifter and true superwoman. Don’t be misled by her imposing stature; beneath lies a heart of gold, exuding care and wisdom. Her words, be they in poetry or advice, resonate deeply, speaking volumes of her remarkable depth and compassion.

Rtr. Ayodhya Wickramasinghe

Introducing Ayodhya: The embodiment of sweetness and care, she’s the hidden gem in our circle. Though she claims introversion, her inner circle knows her mischievous side well. With a laughter so contagious, it could rouse even the deepest sleeper from their slumber.