Board Members of the Month – February 2024


Rtr. Yogashini

Rtr. Yogashini takes the lead in our club’s International Service initiatives, showing unwavering dedication and a strong grasp of global activities. Through her excellent networking skills, she builds robust partnerships with foreign clubs, fostering collaborations that result in meaningful projects for community development. Yogashini’s focus on promoting cross-cultural understanding and providing enriching experiences for our members drives the success of our international efforts, making her a true force for positive change on a global scale. She is a reliable member of our board who never forgets to exceed our expectations. We wish Rtr. Yogashini best of luck for future endeavours.Rtr. Denith

Rtr. Denith brings energy and passion to his role as co-director of International Service, leading initiatives that empower our members to make a difference in communities worldwide. With his proactive approach and organizational skills, Denith nurtures relationships with international partners, ensuring the success and longevity of our collaborative projects. His commitment to fostering cultural exchange and facilitating transformative experiences for our members reflects his dedication to service and leadership. We wish Rtr. Denith best of luck for future endeavours.Together, Rtr. Yogashini and Rtr. Denith forms a strong team guiding our club’s International Service endeavors. Their shared vision, passion, and practical know-how drive the success of our global initiatives, fostering understanding between cultures, promoting sustainable development, and empowering our members to become impactful global citizens. Through their collaborative leadership, they inspire positive change, leaving a lasting legacy of service and goodwill in communities around the world. Congratulations to both of them on their well-deserved recognition!

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Rtr. Vishvi Wijetunge
(President 2023-24)

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Rtr. Melisha Gonaduwa
(Secretary 2023-24)

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