Board Members of the Month – March 2024


Rtr. Uvini

Rtr. Uvini, as one of our esteemed Club Service Directors, embodies the essence of dedication and warmth. Overseeing the club service avenue, Uvini ensures that every member feels valued and engaged. Her leadership played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the “Hade Veena” project, showcasing her exceptional organizational skills and unwavering commitment to serving our community and bringing immense value to the club. Moreover Rtr. Uvini is always dedicated to her role and would go above and beyond to be a support to her fellow club members.Rtr. Binula

Rtr. Binula, our other Club Service Director, is a beacon of respect and diligence. With a keen eye for detail, Binula oversees the smooth operation of our club service initiatives, ensuring that each project leaves a lasting impact. His dedication to excellence and his genuine care for our members have fostered a sense of unity and fellowship within our club community. Rtr. Binula was a huge pillar of strength in organizing one of the large-scale projects of the club “Hade Veena” which was a huge success.Together, Rtr. Uvini and Rtr. Binula forms an exemplary team, their complementary strengths driving the success of our club’s Club service endeavors. Their collaborative leadership, marked by respect, warmth, and dedication, inspires us all to strive for excellence. Congratulations to both Rtr. Uvini and Rtr. Binula on their well-deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions to our club and community!

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Rtr. Vishvi Wijetunge
(President 2023-24)

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Rtr. Melisha Gonaduwa
(Secretary 2023-24)

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