Center Stage 2024 – Rtr. Buddvi Senadheera


In the ninth episode of Center Stage 2024 Edition, we feature an exceptional Rotaract figure whose leadership and commitment to humanitarian causes have profoundly influenced both fellow Rotaractors and communities alike. Joining us for a vibrant discussion with Rtr. Subhanu Dissanayake is none other than the Joint Director of Public Relations, Rtr. IPP Buddvi Senadheera. Be sure to tune in to this captivating interview where we delve into her inspiring journey and uncover intriguing aspects of his life.

Here are a few more questions we asked her, and her thoughtful answers to them:

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had through Rotaract?

I did this project called “Give Life”, a blood donation campaign, with 800 clubs that we did with countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Iraq, we had 1000+ donations and that is an achievement for me in my presidency year. So that was a signature project done by me in my president year. So that was also very important for me. I take this project to heart.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from a Rotaract mentor or advisor?

The best piece of advice would just be yourself not let other people drag you down or just go ahead with your decisions when it is right people who going to judge will anyways going to judge you so just be yourself and just reach out for help if you just need it, don’t just keep it within yourself.

Thank you for being a part of the 9th episode of Center Stage. Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the stage in our last episode of this edition!

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Rtr. Subhanu Dissanayake
(General Member 2023-24)

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Rtr. Shimra Shamil
(Junior Blog Team Member 2023-24)

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Rtr. Mohamed Muad
(General Member 2023-24)

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Rtr. Pamodi Hewawasam
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