Center Stage – ADRR. Rtn. Rtr. PP Mindula Perera


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for a captivating interview with the one and only ADRR. Rtn. Rtr. PP Mindula Perera! This charismatic individual is not afraid to shake things up, especially if he were chosen as the president. With a unique vision inspired by Singapore, he’s determined to break down language barriers and make English the commercial language of the land. But don’t let his presidential ambitions fool you—he has a mischievous side too. He’s the master of undetected mishaps and the cucumber of coolness! So, get ready to dive into his Rotaract journey, his favorite memories, and even witness his animalistic talents. Buckle up and join us for an unforgettable encounter with ADRR. Rtn. Rtr. PP Mindula Perera on this episode of Center Stage with Rtr. Hirumi Tharushika

Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his thoughtful answers to them:

What motivated you to become a Rotaractor?

I think why I joined Rotaract is, for the service itself. You know, throughout my Rotaract journey, I’ve always been in community service. So the reason why I joined was to do some service to the society. 

What do you think are the qualities most needed for a Rotaractor?

I think the biggest quality we need is selflessness. Be it a community service project, be it a club service project, whatever the initiative, maybe professional development… You should have some sort of selflessness to do the project for other people. So I think that is the most important one. 

Name a Rotaract or any Rotary personality that you would consider a role model and the reason behind it.

This guy has always been my idol in Rotaract, that is PDRR Krishan Balaji. He speaks very eloquently, and you know how he engages with people and how he interacts with people. He is very humble. So I think he is one of my biggest role models in Rotaract.

Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the CENTER STAGE next!

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