Center Stage – ADRR Rtr. Afraa Mohamed

In this episode of Center Stage, we have for you a Boss Lady! We got her to tell us something she has tried that she’ll never ever try again (it will certainly make you go eww!), the first three questions her family will ask her boyfriend (she had very specific answers for this), and much more! Watch the video to know more about this bubbly personality.

Watch the video here: 


Here are a few more questions we asked her, and her interesting answers to those:

One accomplishment that you are most proud of, as a Rotaractor?

Recently, a Rotaractor came and told me that something I told him a couple of months ago motivated him to do better in terms of his avenue in his club. So that’s something I’m proud about


Should people care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?

Doing the right thing


According to you, how can a Rotaractor make use of their Rotaract experience in their lives?

You can use whatever Rotaract has taught you in your workspace and even in your studies. For me, Rotaract is what helped me get my job, it helped me much more than my degree ever did. You learn a lot of things in terms of the club projects you do and the people you meet. There’s a lot of things you can learn from everyone. Each project that you do is different, and the experience you get is also different. So you can relate that to your workspace as well. It’s a different setting, but a similar context, so you can always relate to it.


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Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the Center Stage next!

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