Center Stage – ADRR Rtr. Mayukha Abeyratne

In this episode of Center Stage, we’ve got someone who is Sarcastic (according to him!), who is Great (again, according to him!) and who has a rather weird sense of matching songs to situations (according to us). We got him to answer some interesting questions, including about his personal life (hint: he has a special place in his heart towards our club! )Watch the video here to not miss out:


Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his interesting answers to those:

What’s the one thing that should be taught in school, but isn’t?

Sex education


Does jealousy have value in riding humans to improve themselves, or is it a purely negative emotion?

I think it’s a negative aspect


If you could choose one current issue to be an activist for, what would you choose and why?

I would actively work for gender equality. I think there is a glass ceiling when it comes to corporate culture and everywhere else. That is a movement that I’m actually passionate about.


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Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the Center Stage next!

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