Center Stage – Rtr. Anjana Gajanayake

In this episode of Center Stage, you will get to know more about someone who describes himself as “loud”, and oh, He is loud indeed. Even though he put on a bit of a shy face during the interview (we know he is not!), we got him to answer some questions which may get him into trouble with the other members of the Rotaract District Council. He also said he’d lock up this specific Rotaractor from the District Council, in a mental institution. 

Watch the video to find out more: 



Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his interesting answers to those:

Should people care more about doing the right thing or doing things right?

Doing things right.


What about the Sri Lankan education system should change?

I hated doing the Advanced Level Examination. What I always use to do when I was in school was multimedia and there was no platform that I could have learned multimedia from grade 10. So I have seen in many countries and I have a friend in Denmark who is a production officer right now, he studied production from his school when he was in grade 9. There are lot of different career paths in Sri Lanka and If the Sri Lankan education system can serve up to that standard and to recognize where a student’s target is and drive them there with an education system without just cluttering them in to Maths, Science, Art and Commerce it would be great.


Networking, Friendships, Social Service, Leadership, Skills Development. Rank them as to how important these factors are to you personally, in terms of Rotaract.




4.Social service

5.Skills development


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Stay tuned to find out who’ll take the Center Stage next!

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