Center Stage – Rtr. Sanjana Wanigasekara


Get ready for an exclusive interview as we dive into the world of Rtr. Sanjana Wanigasekara, a vibrant soul who knows how to embrace the unexpected moments of his Rotaract journey. From dance floor confessions to love in the air, we unravel the layers of this extraordinary individual. Join us as we dig deep into the memorable escapades and challenges faced along the way. With friendship, fellowship, and love as the guiding forces, let’s explore the invaluable lessons learned and the gratitude that fills Sanjana’s heart. Get ready to be inspired as we embark on this incredible Rotaract adventure. Lights on, interview mode activated with Rtr. Sethmi Navoda.

Here are a few more questions we asked him, and his thoughtful answers to them:

Describe Rotaract using 3 words according to you.

Friendship, Fellowship, and love 

What was the most challenging situation you’ve ever faced in your Rotaract journey so far?

To specify, I think Gamwardanaya was the most challenging situation I faced in my life. Both in Rotaract and personal life, it was the most challenging 

What have you got from Rotaract that you’re most grateful for?

I’m grateful for everything I’ve got through Rotaract. Every single event, every single moment adds value to my life. Today People know Sanjana because of Rotaract.   

And with this final episode, here we wrap up CENTER STAGE 2023!

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