Desi Raat 1.0 – A Night of Bollywood

A night of Bollywood, “Desi Raat”, was successfully held on the 04th of March at Cey-Nor Seafood Restaurant from 5.30pm onwards with the participation of a crowd who is in love with anything and everything that is Bollywood. This was an initiative organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance as one of the International Service and Club Service Projects of the club and was undertaken by the newest members of the club with the leadership of Rtr. Yashika de Alwis and Rtr. Gamindu Wickramaarachchi and under the shadows of guidance of our senior club members.

Preparation for the night began about two months ago with an amazing PR campaign in order to create awareness and grab the attention of the public through Facebook which brought about incredible positive responses, days long effort of the committee members to find the perfect venue for the night and decorations which made the event more colorful and pleasing, finding the right people to rock the dance floor, extensive sponsorship hunting and collective efforts of all the batches in the sale of tickets followed by organizing Mehendi stalls and various games within the faculty premises in order to raise funds for the event apart from sponsorships.

Finally, it was the day everyone was waiting for, 6th of March, the day to witness the fruits of untiring efforts. At around 5.30 pm in the evening, Desi Raat commenced with a brief introduction to the event which was given by Rtr. Ashwini de Silva. Then, the event kick started with a Bollywood song and a Bollywood dance spectacularly presented by the FMF dancing crew and singing crew which made the event more live and glamorous.

Next, the dance floor was open to all. Not to be outdone by the professional dancers, all the guests joined the dance floor to perform their own choreographed version of Bollywood dance moves. The DJ upped the tempo with a set of Bollywood favorites and classic dance hits by making this the best Bollywood event ever. The night was filled with music, dance, and glamour and also with fun games such as hook step game where the guests got themselves grouped and performed famous Indian dance steps for the songs played by the DJ.

When it comes to a Bollywood night the best bit of the night will be the food. The buffet was filled with spicy, mouth-watering Indian Food which tantalized out taste buds and made all present enjoy the night.

One of the highlights of the night was selecting the Desi Boy and Desi Girl. Ten boys and ten girls were selected and each was asked to perform on the dance floor and was selected based on their moves backed with the thundering applause of from the audience.

Desi Raat marked a night filled with colors of Bollywood, delicious Indian food, incredible music from beginning to the end making the night ecstatic and most importantly beautiful memories that would last a lifetime.

A special thanks goes out to our main sponsors, HRMI Educational Institute and Knorr whose contribution made this night a possibility, Voice media who gave media coverage for the event, our senior club members for all the guidance and advices given and most importantly for the commitment and hard work of the two chairpersons, all the committee members of Desi Raat and the 2nd year club members as well as non-club members specially the members of singing and dancing crews of Faculty of Management and Finance, whose tireless efforts and dedication made this night an absolute success. Also sincere thanks goes to the photographers of the event, FMF Media and who helped us to capture and cherish this amazing night of memories.

Desi Raat concluded with resonating sounds of a joyful night and a promising continuation of the legacy of RACUOCFMF of organizing and executing top quality events and thus evidently proving teamwork makes the dream work.


Written By:

Rtr. Dushani Sandanayake – Club Member

Rtr. Anjalee Fernando – Club Member


Image Courtesy: FMF Media &




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