Editorial Member Of The Month (January- 2023)- Rtr. Malkey


Rtr. Malkey is a person with a warm and empathetic personality who is able to bring joy and comfort to those around her. With her ability to make people smile and feel better, even in difficult situations, it’s clear that she is well-liked for her kind-hearted nature and her ability to understand and relate to others using her “shy smile” and a parrot-like voice. Rtr. Malkey is also a talented designer, as evidenced by her work on flyers for various projects like Target, Lead the Way and Mission Compassion. This combination of creativity and compassion is rare to find but we are always fortunate enough to have her. Known as the “sweetheart” for the team.

We at RACUOCFMF are proud of making and having such a person like Rtr. Malkey and would congratulate her on being recognized as the Editorial Member of the month of January!

Written By:-

Rtr. Alysha Shabana
(Co-Director Digital Communications 2022-23)



Rtr. Thiwanka Katangodage
(Co-Director Digital Communications 2022-23)

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