Editorial Member Of The Month (May-2023)- Rtr. Amavi, Rtr. Reshani

Rtr. Amavi

Amavi is a talkative and humorous team member who initially joined as a caption writer but later transitioned into creating entertaining posts based on the team’s preferences. She worked on projects such as Lualu, PR calenders, Target etcs. She is known for her infectious sense of humor, and she brings laughter and liveliness to the team with her clever and engaging content. Amavi’s presence adds a fun and vibrant atmosphere to every project.

Rtr. Reshani

Reshani is a talented content creator who is passionate about making wonderful posts for projects like “One Earth” and “Siripa Saviya.” Although she tends to be quiet, Reshani’s posts are filled with creativity and attention to detail. Reshani surprises the team with occasional jokes and whenever we reach out to her for assistance, she is always ready and willing to lend a hand.

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Rtr. Alysha Shabana
(Co – Director Digital Communications 2022-23)





Rtr. Thiwanka Sandaruwan
(Co – Director Digital Communications 2022-23)

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