Editorial Member of The Month (OCTOBER – 2022) – Rtr. Ashan

Rtr. Ashan Pansilu

A key player behind the screen! If you are in many projects at once, no wonder you will find Ashan in all of them. He is one passionate individual with a creative eye which is why his designs are of standard. His level of dedication and hard work is something that makes him outstanding. Ashan is never hesitant to learn and that makes him better day by day. The Dcom team is glad to have him and for sure he has made his place irreplaceable.

We at RACUOCFMF Digital Communication are proud of the making of such a person like Ashan and would congratulate him on being recognized as the Editorial Member of the month of October.

Written By:-
Rtr. Alysha Shabana & Rtr. Thiwanka Katangodage
(Co – Directors Digital Communications 2022-23)

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