Editorial Member of the Month – October 2023

Let’s give a big round of applause to Rtr. Pramodya Dabare, our amazing Editorial Member of the Month for October! Not only is she a whiz with design and creative editing, but she’s also a total team player who’s always up for a challenge. One of her standout contributions has been her involvement in representing the editorial team of our club in the district project ‘BrandIn’, which is a competition and workshop series aimed at improving AI, design, and content skills.Pramodya has showcased her commitment through active participation in fundraising activities. She played a key role in fundraising for project ‘Entivity’. She tirelessly chased down potential sponsors, and her efforts were so intense that her number ended up being blocked by a company. But Pramodya’s talents extend far beyond just designing and fundraising she flawlessly handled the guest speaker tokens for ‘Entivity’, showing that she’s a responsible person, and when it came to shooting our epic short film, her dedication was appreciable.One thing’s for sure: You can always count on Pramodya. She’s the kind of person who takes responsibility seriously and is always just a phone call away if you need a hand. Plus, she’s got a friendly personality that makes working with her an absolute joy, and for a little fun fact, this girl can eat! No matter the time or place, Pramodya is always ready to fuel up on some good food.

So here’s to you, Rtr. Pramodya Dabare! Thanks for being such a valuable member of our team and for always bringing your creativity, dedication, and infectious enthusiasm to everything you do. We wish all the best for her.

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Rtr. Venuja Silva
(Co-Director of Digital Communications 2023-24)

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Rtr. Ajini Onethra
(Co-Director of Digital Communications 2023-24)

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