Eid-Ul-Fitr; Time for Blessings and Greetings


Eid Ul Fitr is a festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world. After fasting for a month which is known as the holy Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, Muslims celebrate this festival. Ramadan is also known as a month that can be closed to Allah. They refrain from eating foods and drinks from dawn to dusk. The time they take food in the morning is known as suhur time and the evening when they break their fast is known as Iftar. Muslims organize iftar events with their loved ones once during Ramadan.After the month of Shahbhan, the first sighting of the crescent moon signifies that Ramadan has arrived. after a month of fasting, the sighting of the crescent moon again signifies Ramadan is ending. According to Islam, Ramadan is a holy of forgiveness. Muslims should give zakath to others which is charity. This can be cash, gold, hens, goats, etc. During this period Muslims do a special prayer called “tharaweeh “after breaking the fast. There is a special day in this month and it’s the 27th day of Ramadan known as laylatul Qadr.In Islam, it is mandatory to eat a date and break the fast.’ kanji’ takes a special place in foods that are eaten to break the fast. Muslims prepare various sweets and foods during Eid. the night before Eid is very special for girls where they apply mehendi on their hands. On the morning of Eid, people bathe and wear new dresses to go to the mosque for a special Eid prayer. They embrace their loved ones with the warm greeting of Eid Mubarak. Muslims prepare watalappam for Eid, a very delicious, sweet made from jaggery. they share their delicious foods, love, and peace with their loved ones.Beyond celebrations, Eid reflects spiritual growth and important lessons for life.

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