Favorite Uber Since 21


To My Favorite Uber Since 21,Until we meet again, maybe on a farm with a lake beside an old house and a Porsche 911 gracing the scene.

The highs with you were really high, but the lows were really low, like an emotional roller coaster. All I ever wanted was to somehow be good enough for you.

Maybe the timing was wrong, but maybe everything else was too. Perhaps I was the wrong person for you. But at the same time, maybe I was too selfish.

We were on an unpaved road. The road was beautiful, unpredictable, bumpy, with hills and slopes.
But I hope whoever begins to love you, loves you better than I did.

A girl that will write you love letters just as beautiful as the ones you have written her :”) 

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Rtr. G.D.S Mandini
(Co-Editor 2023-24)

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