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The roses that merely shred their petals on the ground are blooming in thousands of hearts today. Slabs of chocolates that were decorating shelves are sweetening the day of many. The love overwhelming within is all turned into phrases and captions for the once-upon-a-time captured moments. The waiting for lovebirds to enjoy their day has finally come to an end. He is all prepared with a fabulous bouquet, slab of chocolates, and a secret gift in hand eagerly to see his Queen blush turning red and give a tight hug with a gentle forehead kiss. On the other hand, she has her plans too. A dark maroon colored shirt wrapped neatly, tied with a white ribbon, and with a small note saying “Love you my sunshine” that she always wanted to see him in is finally about to happen. The happiness they cherish, while their hearts beat fast, will never be able to convert into words. WOW! What a love story! Or should we say stories, for you will be seeing such loving moments all around you of different climaxes, flashbacks, and future dreams.Then now the ‘BUT’ factor hits me hard. We have almost 365 days a year and during all those days, he or she was beside you. But why didn’t we remember to create these moments before? Why did we wait for today? Who told us that today is the day? It is totally fine to love your better half and make them feel special today while every other does too, but a little reminder for the ones who forgot to do them the other 364 days. Your love is not a season but the sky that should always be shown bright and high…Written By:





Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Vice President 2023-24)

Edited By:





Rtr. Pamodi Hewawasam
(Junior Blog Team Member 2023-24)

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Zahra Zuhri

Beautifully edited 🤓❤️. Thank you team 🔥