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And it marked the end of an incredible month-long holiday, following a fully stressful December. The last days of December were hectic and burdened with unexpected exam timetables that made life miserable. It was all about Exams! Exams! Exams!!! Yet, trust me, the day after the exams felt like floating in the clouds! I embraced life as a true girl, immersing myself in household chores, gardening, cleaning, cooking, and more. Life, in those moments, felt nothing short of a blessing.Being a homely girl, helping my mother, experimenting with new dishes, and experiencing the joy of harvesting from our garden created a world of its own. I cherished this life to the fullest, knowing it was a brief 30 days. I slept for hours and hours, indulged in countless movies and dramas, tasted every dish on my Wishlist, and filled my days with contentment. Now, as the well-spent holiday concludes, today marks the last day of these indulgences. It wraps up with a return to school, meeting friends, and spending quality time with loved ones. The day serves as a reminder that no matter how many new friends we make, the old ones are irreplaceable. We owe a debt to our school – it’s where we were shaped.

I’ve always believed that taking a break and stepping out of our daily routine not only boosts productivity but also allows us to move more efficiently. Life is an ongoing journey with no clear endpoint. Along this path, occasional breaks emerge as crucial elements for fostering a peaceful and balanced life.And what I learned during these few days was that.

🌟 Self-care and mental health matter the most!

🌟 Try your best, do your best, Pray, and leave the rest to God, no matter what the results would be because that’s all we can do… (Just to soothe myself whenever I’m overstressed)

Ultimately, what matters is my passion; no matter how challenging the journey.

Kudos to a new beginning!!

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Rtr. Mufaza Mueen
(Junior Blog Team Member 2023-24)

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