Growing Up Canadian


Once upon a time, in Canada, there was a young guy from Sri Lanka. I’m Basith and this is my short life story. Life for me isn’t just about beautiful pictures. I study and work part-time, trying to make a living.In the big city of Toronto, where there are lots of people and different cultures, I have a busy life. I work at different jobs like a café or bookstore to pay the bills. It’s not always easy; life is not just like the calm scenes in pictures. When winter comes, it’s not just about pretty snow. For me, it means dealing with the cold, wearing lots of clothes, and facing challenges like shoveling snow. But even in the tough times, I discover something special about Canadian life.Winter becomes a dance where I wear warm clothes, walk carefully on icy streets, and start my car in the cold. But in this chilly world, I find warmth in shared smiles, friends who face the same challenges, and enjoying hot cocoa after a day of hard work. Even with a busy schedule, I make friends from different parts of the world. My university has become a place where people from many places share their dreams. Learning from professors and friends with different ideas becomes part of my adventure.My life story is like a colorful picture of Canada. It’s not just about pretty scenes; it’s about-facing challenges, finding beauty in unexpected places, and making friends from all over. Canada has become a special part of my journey, showing that life is more than just what you see in pictures.

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Abdul Basith

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Rtr. Mufaza Mueen
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Rtr. Shimra Shamil
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