HELLO 2020/21!

The whole world perhaps would have come to a standstill in the past few months, however the Rotaract movement had to advance. On the 28th of June 2020, the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance, bid farewell to one era, and said Hello to another.

The Annual General Meeting of RACUOCFMF was held, in which Immediate Past President Rtr. Shehani Leo formally handed over her responsibilities to President Elect for the year 2020/21, Rtr. Aamina Ismail.

All club members witnessed the transition, including the Outgoing and Incoming Boards of Directors, however in a different manner compared to the norm. A few joined us live at Coco Space while the rest joined virtually, with no member being left out.

Once the formalities were concluded the Immediate Past President Rtr. Shehani Leo addressed the gathering. It was an address filled with many emotions combined, which left most of us in tears. She acknowledged the presence of all members and extended her gratitude to everyone who was a part of the movement throughout the year. Rtr. Piyumi Abeywardhana the Outgoing Secretary joined in to share her thoughts which once again touched many hearts. There after Rtr. Shehani Leo brought her video editing skills to the table with a very emotional video of all her favourite memories of the past Rotaract year.

It was then a bittersweet moment for Rtr. Shehani as she officially collared Rtr. Aamina Ismail as the President of RACUOCFMF for the Rotaract year 2020/21, and handed over her responsibilities to the new president.

Incoming President Rtr. Aamina then took the opportunity to first thank the outgoing board for the contribution they gave towards building RACUOCFMF to what it is today, and then to address the new Board of Directors with words of encouragement to carry forward the legacy which has been building up for the past 10 years.

She then introduced the incoming Board of Directors to the gathering, and highlighted the fact that as the 11th Board of Directors, we have to work together towards taking the club to greater heights.

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the year 2020/2021 are as follows;

  1. President – Rtr. Aamina Ismail
  2. Immediate Past President – Rtr. Shehani Leo
  3. Vice President – Rtr. Aloka Weerawardane
  4. Vice President – Rtr. Tishani Ranawana
  5. Vice President – Rtr. Nilasi Perera
  6. Secretary – Rtr. Kulani Salgado
  7. Assistant Secretary – Rtr. Samiddhi Wanigasekara
  8. Treasurer – Rtr. Yasindu Mendis
  9. Assistant Treasurer – Rtr. Pamudee Salpadoru
  10. Sergeant At Arms – Rtr. Melan Perera
  11. Co-Editor – Rtr. Arshad Sufi Ismail
  12. Co-Editor – Rtr. Vineli Handapangoda
  13. Co-Director Club Service – Rtr. Malinka Singarachchi
  14. Co-Director Club Service – Rtr. Nikhil Senaratne
  15. Co-Director Community Service – Rtr. Saseni Wijegunawardane
  16. Co-Director Community Service – Rtr. Kethni Wijesinghe
  17. Co-Director International Service – Rtr. Nadeera Ratnayake
  18. Co-Director International Service – Rtr. Dilani Perera
  19. Co-Director Professional Development – Rtr. Harith Lokugamage
  20. Co-Director Professional Development – Rtr. Hasara Hikkaduwa
  21. Co-Director Finance – Rtr. Shakila Perera
  22. Co-Director Finance – Rtr. Adithya Dehigama
  23. Director Environmental Service – Rtr. Noora Siyam
  24. Director Membership Development – Rtr. Oshadi Dias
  25. Director Digital Communications – Rtr. Sanjana Wanigasekara
  26. Co-Director Public Relations – Rtr. Kavisha Dahanayake
  27. Co-Director Public Relations – Rtr. Dinul Fernando
  28. Co-Director Sports – Rtr. Dulan Prabashana
  29. Co-Director Sports – Rtr. Avishka Chiranthana


A short video appreciating the service of “THE EPIC DUO” Rtr. Shehani Leo and Rtr. Piyumi Abayawardhana was then played which moved us all with a touch of humour. This was followed by the service of the outgoing Board of Directors being recognized and awarded a token of appreciation by the incoming Board of Directors.

The Annual General Meeting of 2019 was adjourned formally by Rtr. Aamina Ismail. However, this was followed by an informal session of well-wishes, celebrations and a photo-shoot. The day came to an end with an atmosphere combined with loads of excitement while the fellow Rotaractors engaged in recalling their past memories, singing and show casing a few of their dance moves.

Written By:

Rtr. Arshad Sufi Ismail
( Co-Editor – 2020/21 )

Rtr. Vineli Handapangoda
( Co-Editor – 2020/21 )

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