Hero In You


Who is a Hero to you? A person who is in a mask flying at night? A person who swings in spider webs across the town? A person all armed with a shield? Or someone who possesses a watch of transformation? Just name it! It could be any such great personality with the spirit of battling to save lives. And you know what? There are another bunch of kiddos you got to add to that list of Heroes, maybe to the right top itself. So here is the answer to the question why

These little heroes are not battling with monsters or villains, but with life itself tagged as cancer. While other kids run around shouting with joy and hooting with happiness, these little souls do the same out of the pain they suffer from and fear they possess of what next. Yet prove ‘Life does go on’.

Changing the theory a bit, instead of Heroes having missions to rescue another, the project ‘Hero In You’ sketched a mission for the heroes itself. A simple yet overwhelming mission of spreading smiles in those little faces at least for a while.

Project ‘Hero In You’ was the donation of a goodie pack to the children’s ward of Apeksha Cancer Hospital Maharagama. Though said in one line, the task was not easy with the pandemic and mostly the economic crisis. Yet, the team did break through all those barriers by doing all sorts of possible things to reach the target of this worthy cause.

‘කැවිලි for Smiles’ – The food stall put up at the club Awrudu Celebration was one such initiative of collecting the needed funds. The stall not missing to theme Awrudu was all decorated and had this yummy sweet box featuring Awrudu goods and some other sweet treats as well. Having the right thing at the right place – the mojitos were the best sold of all with the sun all bright and hot shining upon the open ground beating the hot dogs prepared and colourful cupcakes (which nothing was left either). Apart from this, generosity was what pillared the financial aspect of the project, and here is the conveyance of a heartfelt thank you to all those generous souls out there.

After jumping over numerous hurdles somehow everything that the team was informed by the hospital donations unit as required for those kiddos was ready to be gifted on the 31st of May 2022 as packs and was distributed among wards by an authorized person as outsiders were not entertained due to the Covid situation. These gift packs included;

  • Cream crackers 125g – 100 packets
  • Marie Biscuits 80g – 180 packets
  • Tea – 89  packets
  • Sugar 1kg – 50 packets

Anyway, if one door closed another does open and did it here too. Though the distribution was not allowed, the team was welcomed to the playground to sing some melodies for the patients which were mesmerizing with the sounds of the guitar strings. That was one sweet and chilling wrapping up of a wonderful project.

Eventually, with everything, the project ‘Hero In You’ marked its end as well not only by bringing smiles on the faces of those little warriors but also by bringing out the hero within you and all other beautiful souls who strived in making the life of another better. The mission of spreading smiles that continued from previous years was well-executed this year as well and hopefully will never miss track to continue the worthy cause in the future as well.

Written By:-

Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Member 2021-22)

Edited By:-

Rtr. Venuka Batagoda
(Blog Team Member 2021-22)

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