Inception 2022

Kickstarting the RI year of 2022-23, Rotaractors of RACUOCFMF were able to welcome newbies in a glamorous and successful way with INCEPTION. 300+ participants were excited and enthralled to be a part of the Rotaract movement, yet, the fear of the unknown was growing within them. To eradicate that fear within them and to familiarise them with the concepts, the people, the phases and the fun aspect of Rotaract, we conducted INCEPTION which was tremendously successful in familiarising them and helping them step into the world of Rotaract. INCEPTION 2022 kicked off with 300+ individuals joining our online platform on the 16th of July and with a wonderful opening to the event carried out by non other than our President Rtr. Gajaba Senarathne along with Rtr. Samindi Weerakoon, the ever-so-loving Secretary of the club. With that wonderful opening, INCEPTION continued with the executive committee introductions, where the newbies got to see and understand how the Ex-co works and also the people in it. 

2022-23 RI වර්ෂය ආරම්භ කරමින්, RACUOCFMF හි රෝටරැක්ටර්වරුන්  හට INCEPTION සමඟින් නවක සාමාජිකයන්ව ආකර්ෂණීය හා සාර්ථක ලෙස පිළිගැනීමට හැකි විය. රොටරැක්ට්හි කොටස්කරුවෙකු වීමට උද්යෝගිමත් සහ ප්‍රබෝධමත් ඔවුන්ට රොටරැක්ට්හි සංකල්ප, පුද්ගලයින්, අදියර සහ විනෝදය ඔවුන්ව හුරු කරවීම සහ රොටරැක්ට් ලෝකයට පා තැබීමට උපකාර කිරීම සඳහා අති සාර්ථක වූ INCEPTION 2022 පවත් වන ලදී. එය ආරම්භ වූයේ පුද්ගලයන් 300කට වැඩි පිරිසක් අපගේ මාර්ගගත වේදිකාවට එක්වීමත් සමඟිනි. Rtr. ගජබා සේනාරත්න සහ Rtr. සමින්දි වීරකෝන් විසින් උත්සවයට අපූරු විවෘත කිරීමක් ලබා දුන් අතර ඒ සමඟම විධායක කමිටු හඳුන්වාදීමත්, රොටරැක්ට්හි විවිධ අංශ හදුන්ව දීමත් සිදු කෙරුණි.

ரோட்டராக்ட் ஆண்டு 2022-23 தொடக்கத்தில், RACUOCFMF இன் புதிய ரோட்டராக்டர்கள் INCEPTION மூலம் வெற்றிகரமான முறையில் வரவேற்கப்பட்டனர். 300+ பங்கேற்பாளர்கள் எமது ரோட்ராக்ட் இயக்கத்திற்கு உற்சாகமாகவும், உத்வேகமாகவும் கலந்து கொண்டனர். அவர்களுக்குள் இருந்த பயத்தைப் போக்கவும், ரோட்ராக்டின் கருத்துக்கள், மனிதர்கள், கட்டங்கள் மற்றும் வேடிக்கையான அம்சத்தை அவர்களுக்குப் பழக்கப்படுத்தவும், நாங்கள் INCEPTION ஐ நடத்தினோம். இந்நிகழ்வானது  அவர்களைப் பழக்கப்படுத்துவதிலும், அவர்கள்  ரோட்ராக்ட் உலகில் அடியெடுத்து வைப்பதிலும் மிகப்பெரிய வெற்றியைப் பெற்றது. INCEPTION நிகழ்வானது 2022 ஜூலை 16 ஆம் தேதி எங்கள் ஆன்லைன் தளத்தில் 300+ நபர்களுடன் நடந்தேறியது. எங்கள் கழகத் தலைவர்  Rtr கஜபா சேனாரத்ன மற்றும் கழக செயலாளர் Rtr. சமிந்தி வீரகோன் இருவரும் இந்நிகழ்வை இனிதே தொடக்கி வைத்தனர். மேலும் INCEPTION இல்  செயற்குழு அறிமுகங்களுடன் தொடர்ந்து, புதிய கழக செயல்குழு அங்கத்தவர்கள் அறிமுகம் செய்யப்பட்டு அவர்களுடைய பணிகள் விளக்கி வைக்கப்பட்டது.

Next up was something really exciting, which were the avenue introductions. The avenue introductions were conducted by the respective avenue directors and they made sure it was super fun, exciting and interesting for the newbies so that they are quite thrilled and comfortable to work in these avenues, to come up with projects and be an asset to the club in the future. 

The avenue introductions began with Club Service Directors Rtr. Thinali and Rtr. Chanuka giving a brief introduction about what Club Service is. Consequently, they moved into a fun game of “Most Likely To Be”, which helped the participants comprehend that if they wanted to know more about their club and club members, they would have to engage in Club Service projects that would help build camaraderie and engagement within the club. The segment ended with a beautiful performance by Rtr. Binura Thalavinna showcasing  the unknown talent within the incoming batch.

Following up, we had Community Service hosted by avenue directors Rtr. Janul and Rtr. Vishvi with insights from the previous directors, giving the participants an in-depth understanding of how important Community Service is. Projects done under the avenue in previous years were highlighted for the newbies to further understand the avenue.

Moving on to Professional Development, avenue directors Rtr. Theeksha and Rtr. Melisha demonstrated an interesting presentation that involved a barrel of laughs and a lot of sentiment where the newbies were exposed to how important Professional Development is for their personal life and how much of a service this renders as an avenue of the club for their personal advancement. A job well done by Rtr. Theeksha and Rtr. Melisha incorporating all three languages into their presentation gave the newbies a very positive outlook on what Rotaract is.

International Service started off with a fun game of “Never have I ever” hosted by the respective avenue directors Rtr. Piravena and Rtr. Hasna. With all the fun and engagement, they moved onto explain how important International Service is and how connecting communities and understanding foreign cultures is an essential part of today’s world.

To keep the ball rolling, next up were the Editors Rtr. Zarah and Rtr. Hasara who had cropped out beautiful segments of the Club blog with a miniature game curated where participants had to guess which Avenue the illustrated blog excerpt  belongs to. It kicked up everyone’s heels.

Another very important avenue of the club, Membership Development, was introduced and explained by the avenue directors Rtr. Subhavi and Rtr. Senuri who had a very positive outlook on how vital it is for us to maintain and grow the members of the club to make sure all of us are engaged and taking part in Rotaract as one family.

Next up was Public Relations Avenue, which was again a sensational segment done by avenue directors Rtr. Leon and Rtr. Mindya. They hosted an amusing and interactive Q&A session where the audience had to answer some fun and entertainment related questions which broke the ice between the participants and the committee, which subsequently allowed everyone to engage in this program as one Rotaract family. Capping the Public Relations segment, Rtr. Leon and Rtr. Mindya made sure their TikTok and Instagram follower base boosted up by asking all participants to follow them, thus, winning themselves a massive number of new followers.

Rtr. Ali and Rtr. Tharindu introduced their avenue “Environmental service” with a carefully curated presentation that showed off how vital and exciting the avenue is. The segment highlighted the projects undertaken by the club in the previous years and the opportunities that were available in the avenue. 

Introducing the Finance avenue, Rtr. Adheesha and Rtr. Raveesha hosted a presentation. This encapsulated what happened and what to expect in the finance avenue. 

Following Finance was Rtr. Althaaf along with Rtr. DIleesha, the club’s beloved co- directors on Sports and recreational activities. A presentation was done introducing the avenue and highlighting key events of the Rotaract calendar such as RCL which falls under this avenue.

With a fun and exciting segment, Rtr. Thiwanka and Rtr. Alysha were able to make Digital communications seem like the dream avenue to work in. An exciting video showcasing the importance of design and digital communications  in any project was tactfully slipped into the heads of our newbies.

That marked the end of the avenue introductions. After some extremely positive feedback from the audience, the day ended leaving 300+ potential Rotaractors excited and inquisitive about what comes next.

Written By:-
Rtr. Thinali Rathnayake
(Co-Director – Club Service – 2022-23)

Edited By:-
Rtr. Indoopa Samarasinghe
(Blog Team Member 2022-23)

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