Induction & Orientation 2019

“To be young passionate Rotaractors.”

This was the dream of every individual seated in the hall
throughout the entire Induction.

Every time we were informed about the event, specifically reminding us about the time and venue, it only gradually increased our enthusiasm about it. We couldn’t contain our excitement of embarking upon this new journey together with our fellow batch mates who turned out to be inseparable like family.

The Annual Induction of the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance (RACUOCFMF), was held on a Tuesday, the 6th of August 2019, at the Faculty premises. The session commenced at 3.30 pm and it was no surprise that a fairly large number of individuals had shown their keen interest towards this, as there was no doubt that they were passionate to be a part of this prestigious club. The interest of the students was surreal.

The Induction was led by the President of RACUOCFMF, Rtr. Shehani Leo and the Secretary Rtr. Piyumi Abeywardhana, along with the Board of Directors gracing the occasion. The session commenced with us being allowed to express ourselves about our backgrounds, passions in life and  about what Rotaract meant to us up to this extent in our life. Throughout the session we were educated about the Rotaract District 3220 as well as RACUOCFMF, where we got to know the heart and soul of Rotaract, the accomplishments they have achieved as a club dating back to its beginning, the aims and purpose of the club and also about the glory and what it takes to be a successful Rotaractor.

Furthermore, we were introduced to the various Avenues of Rotaract which we were brought to light for the first time. The acknowledgment was done by the respective Avenue Directors and they nourished us further on the purpose of each Avenue, the key projects and their proposed accomplishments in the foreseeable future.

Rtr. Shehani Leo,
President 2019/20 (Standing)

and Rtr. Piyumi Abeywardhana,
Secretary 2019/20 (Seated)

Towards the end of the event we were requested to form small groups to participate in a fun filled online game – Kahoot! We were questioned about Rotaract and were awarded points in each round which made the game more enjoyable. The participants were enthusiastic throughout as the results were displayed immediately on screen after each round. This game definitely increased our speed of thinking and enhanced our knowledge on Rotaract. Thereafter we were provided with refreshments concluding the Annual Induction of RACUOCFMF. It was an hour of a gathering of fun, self-nourishment and societal enhancement – A Happy Hour indeed as it was named!

After  the Induction concluded, the next step of the Rotaract journey was the talk among my friends and I. We were excited to kick-start the journey through Rotaract officially.

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“Officially, the first day of a journey that promises to be
amazing while opening up fresh avenues
for passionate youngsters!”

That Orientation day we had all been waiting for following the Induction,
finally arrived on the 31st of August  2019
at  the University of Colombo,
Faculty of  Science premises.

Over hundred hopeful faces were a part of the much anticipated day. The freshers were officially welcomed to the Rotaract family, promising us that we will never look back with regret. The Orientation commenced at 12.30 p.m and held the attention of the newly joined Rotaractors for two fruitful hours.

Firstly the house was called to order by the Sergeant-At-Arms, Rtr. Yasitha Botheju, followed by the President of RACUOCFMF, Rtr. Shehani Leo then commencing a General Meeting. The entire crowd rose to sing the National Anthem, upholding the pride of our motherland, immediately followed by the Flag Salutation, Rotaract Invocation, the Four-Way Test and the Rotaract Song.

Afterwards we were briefed about the Rotaract movement through an entertaining video clip that brought to light, key projects conducted during the course of this year, which made the audience aware of the clubs numerous achievements. Thereafter the Directors of each Avenue enlightened us about their respective Avenues, the future prospects of their missions, their accomplishments so far which we can actively be a part of. This rich explanation cleared us off our doubts and guided us to choose the most appropriate avenue we want to engage in, in the future. The General Meeting ended with the meeting being adjourned by Rtr. Shehani Leo.

The General Meeting

The bonding session of the Orientation began right after the formalities were concluded. The Fresher’s were divided into groups and a leader was appointed. Each group was given a senior Rotaractor who provided guidance and support along the way. A variety of games was organized for us. Each group was requested to come up with a name and a cheer, and was given a chance to present it, which definitely boosted the energy levels of us. The energy levels were maintained without a downfall after being made aware that points were rewarded for each round.

Firstly, a game of Treasure Hunt was played where each group was given a list of items that they had to find within the limited time given to them. Next, an activity where we had to build a pyramid with the use of a balloon was done. Finally the most enthusiastic round took place, where we had to dress up two members from each group with the use of newspapers. The paper models were then asked to dance to the songs that were played and it kept everyone entertained thereby concluding the games for the day. Gifts were awarded to the teams with the highest points.

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As the event drew to an end, two  new  Rotaract members were asked to give a feedback on their first Orientation session. As always a wonderful day came to an end with us being treated to refreshments followed by a session of continued fellowship. The memories shall be cherished forever.



Written By:

Rtr. Vineli Handapangoda
( Member – 2019/20 )

Written By:

Rtr. Dinul Fernando
( Member – 2019/20 )

Written By:

Rtr. Arshad Sufi Ismail
( Member – 2019/20 )

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