Juliet Finds Her Romeo.


Meet Juliet, a pretty studious young girl with an insightful curiosity for learning, with her glasses perched on her nose and a stick of books always by her side. Juliet is the glue that binds her friends circle together, friends mean the world to her. She shares everything with her friends without any hesitation. One night, she received a message from an unknown number “Hi I’m Paul… Ann’s cousin.” She ignored that message. The next day she met Ann and told her about the message she received from Paul, then Ann said that his cousin Paul had fallen in love with you.

Juliet was surprised and ignored the proposal. Ann forced her to speak to him saying that “he madly loves you and will be hurting himself if you don’t talk to him.” So, then Juliet started the conversation to make him understand and leave the thought of love. Once they started to get to know each other. Juliet fell in love with Paul. Now, it has been 7 days since they have been starting to chat. Juliet was really happy as she found a boy who completed all her expectations. She shares all her chit-chat with Paul near her friends.It was a fine day, Juliet going to meet Paul in person for the first time. She was dancing over the moon and excited to meet the love of her life. Unfortunately, Paul didn’t come to the bus stand where he told her to wait. One of her close friends, Benzy, came along with her bunch of friends and said to her “I am Paul, I built a prank love story with you, just to make fun.” Juliet yelled at them “I trusted you all more than myself. You all just played with my feelings.” Juliet left the place with tears. The thing is she doesn’t believe in love; she believes in love because of Paul; the way he spoke, the way he treated her. She couldn’t accept that Paul was no longer in her life. On the other side, she couldn’t tolerate the pain that her friends whom she considers very important played with her life.

It has been 4 days, and she didn’t speak to any of her friends and was embarrassed. She thought of ending her life and lost interest in her studies. She became quiet and a completely different person. This incident isn’t funny anymore. She is hurt. After some days she bounced back and went back to the college as usual. However, she didn’t move with her friends as before. Days passed; it is her final year in college now. She went to another college for an event. It was a busy crowded place. She was busy with her event work, but she didn’t know that already a boy was looking at her. He kept on looking at her. The next day, she started to notice a boy who always kept on smiling and being jovial. She started to admire him because she missed her part of herself.Later, the event was over, and everyone went back to their homes. After some days she received a notification on Instagram, when she opened that chat, it was Romeo whom she had a crush on during the event. She didn’t want to reply but she did after reading the message “Hey beautiful, I have never fallen for a girl like I have fallen for you. I cannot promise to give you an awesome future, but I have a belief that I will do anything just to retain your beautiful smile. Will you be my forever? She smiled and replied,” Let’s be friends.” He also agreed. They became friends, best friends, and more than best friends. She felt Paul’s love for him. Romeo has always been supportive of her. She completed her degree with first class. Loving the right person will make you succeed in both love life and career life. She cannot believe that she found her real Romeo. She didn’t lose her love; Romeo has given a new meaning to to her love. Finally, Juliet finds her Romeo.“In search of gold, she found a diamond. He fell first but she fell even harder. She cannot imagine a life without him. That’s how love changed her life.”

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Rtr. Muzna Hameed
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Rtr. Pamodi Hewawasam
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Rtr. Nirushika Sandeepani
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