Life Reset With Covid-19

2020 was an unforgettable year for everyone. Our lives were altered by an invisible, small virus. In early 2020 everything was going smoothly. And then suddenly, a virus that was spreading in China and killing a lot of people started to make headlines in the media. That virus was named covid-19 after it. It spread all around the world rapidly. Then governments enacted numerous regulations, and lockdowns to protect the people from covid-19. However, the virus’s spread was out of control.

In March mid, I was having a sports meet in school. I and my friends were occupied in sports meet-related activities because we were seniors. So, we were determined to give our best because it was our final year in school. Then suddenly the news about covid-19 flashed out from nowhere. Then schools closed. Lockdown was imposed. We could not go anywhere and purchase necessary things to fulfill our daily necessities. People could not go to work and was at home. Everyone was very surprised because of how this tiny virus caused disaster all around the planet. Due to covid-19, the death rate was rising and all were concerned about this. Everyone was hoping for this virus to disappear soon.

Because of the lockdown, everyone was staying at home. So, I spent quality time with my family. However, I was anxious about my G.C.E. A/L exam, which was due in August 2020, but schools were closed and we were unable to attend lessons. However, online platforms were introduced as an alternative and it was very new to us. And for me, like most of the students, it was not an effective option compared to attending lessons physically. I was missing my friends and my other family members badly. I lost my interest in studying. Because, earlier to covid outbreak, I was going to school every day and I was feeling happy around everyone in school, teachers motivated us to study and we were engaging in co-curricular activities. 

Because of this covid-19 breakdown, I was at home.  So, I was so fed up. It caused me stress because earlier, I was not used to it. For three months I could not study properly and I began to hate online learning. I started to fall asleep during online lessons. I was so down and I was hopeless. I was waiting for the virus to disappear. But sadly, it did not happen. After three months, the government reopened the schools only for GCE A/L and O/L students. But things were different in this instance. Everyone was wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing, and new rules related to health were introduced.

After going back to school I realized I had lost my progress in studies and only a very few months were remaining before the final exam. Within that, I had to cover up all the lessons, so again I was feeling down because I had no idea about how I was going to cover up everything. Then my parents and teachers offered me guidance and supported me as I dealt with this circumstance. I again rebuilt my confidence and put in more effort. But in between, covid waves came and again lockdowns were imposed. Our exams got postponed to two months. So, I had more time to cover all my lessons and practice more questions.

But again, covid hit us. Even one week before the exam only the government confirmed that our exams will be held on the scheduled date. And when we were writing the exam, I had a lockdown in my area. So, everyone faced many new challenges due to the Covid pandemic. Not only I but my friends also experienced similar problems. The mentality of each student was affected due to this.

Typically, one family had three to four kids. Due to the limited number of devices available, each child was unable to attend class as intended, and many children had signal issues attending the online lessons. Most families were struggling financially as a result of the lockdown. In some households, the father only could afford one meal a day. The Covid epidemic had a significant impact across all fronts. Most people in the world who lost loved ones could not be with them.

This led to numerous new issues in every area, not just the educational one. Day and night, the medical staff worked incredibly hard. Even they were unable to spend time with their family and sadly some of the medical staff sacrificed their lives because of the covid. Additionally, the military and police offered greatly and provided support in different ways. All of us learned a lot from Covid-19. One of the most essential lessons I have learned is that we should have the courage to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in our lives. The effects of the Covid 19 are still evident. For instance, Sri Lanka’s economy was severely impacted. Let us thus work as a nation to overcome these obstacles as a whole!

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Rtr. Aynun Hana
(General Member – 2022-23)

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Rtr. Shenali Dewmi
(Blog Team Member 2022-23)

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Piravena Paheerathan

A good read!