Love and Laughter


Valentine’s Day is commonly observed as a celebration of love, where roses, gifts, and chocolates are traditionally used to express affection. Laughter is the one secret ingredient that takes on a richer meaning when it is included in this celebration. Love and laughter are the heartbeat of a thriving relationship. While love is the center of a romantic relationship, laughter goes hand in hand weaving the joy and happiness between the two souls.

Love and laughter are the prominent duos that brighten and enrich our lives. When these two emotions are combined, it creates a feel-good factor and dispels sadness in a relationship. There is no better feeling than sharing laughter with your partner. A burst of giggle or an inside joke creates a tremendous improvement in their connection and strengthens their bond. This shared joy will become a memory that can be cherished for the rest of our lives.Life is unpredictable, much like our partners. Predicting the inner emotions of our partners can be challenging and at some point, in life, the relationship may lead to a stressful situation. However, love with the combination of laughter will act as a powerful key to handling the pressures in our everyday lives. Couples who find humor in hard times will be able to overcome their challenges with light heart and together they can create an enjoyable journey. Research indicates that couples who share laughter as a response to stressful situations, will not only feel better but also tend to have a long-lasting relationship. From a scientific perspective, when love and laughter are interconnected, it triggers the release of Endorphins which is considered to be the natural happy drug that is released in the body. When we experience moments of joy with our loved ones, the brain releases Dopamine which gives a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. This mixture of chemicals not only enhances the bond between the couples but also ensures a positive connection.On this season of love, ensure to include laughter in your celebration. Rather than opting for typical surprises for your partner, try to add activities that would add a torch of brightness to the day such as watching a comedy show together, presenting a funny card, or telling a personalized joke. Additionally, ensure that any jokes shared don’t inadvertently hurt your partner’s feelings, otherwise, it could have an unfortunate outcome. When a partner lightens up and avoids being overly serious, it leads to a long-lasting relationship.Love and laughter go hand in hand, forming an inseparable bond between two souls. As you celebrate this day of love, keep in mind to incorporate laughter, recognizing its pivotal role in enduring the strength of your relationship.

So, why not fill your partner’s heart with the echoes of laughter? And making your journey of love even more fulfilling.

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Rtr. Shimra Shamil
(Junior Blog Team Member 2023-24)

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Rtr. Ushanth Jayakumar
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