New Blog! New era for RC UOC FMF!

The RC UOC FMF Blog is up! This first blog post comes in a time
where the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management &
Finance embarks on a new journey, a journey towards taking the Club to a world
class level.
 The 25th District
Assembly, which was held on the 4
th of July, marked the beginning of the
new Rotaract year 2015/16. UOC FMF, which had a successful year of 2014/15, was
well appreciated for its work by winning several awards and citations at the
assembly. Thus going into the year 2015/16, we will be faced with the challenge
of keeping up our good work! This challenge is welcomed by the incoming board
of not only trying to match our previous year’s performance but also to set a
new standard towards making RC UOC FMF a world class Rotaract Club.
In keeping up with this mission the Club seeks to set a new
framework for operating which will ensure that all members of the Club are able
to deliver their best work and thereby face the challenges before them.


The Executive committee (ExCo) of the incoming board, comprising
of the incoming President Praveen, Secretary Nilukshi, Vice Presidents Ruvindi
and Shalini, Treasurer Supun and Editor Ruzni, had their first Exco meeting on
the 8th of July, in
which a new working plan was developed for the upcoming year 2015/16. This was
considered necessary to ensure that the incoming board as well as the members
understand the full extent of their responsibility and thereby actively
participate in all activities of the Club.
The Exco of RC UOC FMF 2015/16
Club will have its first board as well as the general meeting on the 16
th of July. This meeting will be structured as an
orientation program with the key aim of creating an understanding amongst the
members, of the whole concept of Rotary and Rotaract. In addition to this the
incoming board members will be given a detailed guideline of each of their
duties and responsibilities such that they would fully understand the extent to
which they should contribute to uplift the standards of the Club while also
ensuring they are equipped to face the challenges ahead.
is setting its aim to the stars and will not settle for anything less. We might
sound very ambitious but we believe we have got the potential to put these
words into action and hit the bull’s-eye thus achieving the best in the new
Rotaract Year 2015/16 as well as the years to follow.
Thus the
objective of this blog, managed by the Editorial, will be to fully support the
new leap taken by the club by using the blog to create awareness of the club’s
activities among the club members as well as the the larger society that we
will be striving to serve better.
Lots of
dreams, lots of plans! Let’s get to work! 
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